DrLupo delivers award-winning apology after ridiculous Twitch ban for telling Ninja to “sit on my face” cover image

DrLupo delivers award-winning apology after ridiculous Twitch ban for telling Ninja to “sit on my face”

DrLupo issued a brilliant apology live on his YouTube stream after being banned by Twitch for asking Ninja to “sit on my face”.

"Reformed streamer" DrLupo reflected on his "Interesting Sunday" with an apology after he received a 7 day ban from Twitch for telling friend and fellow streamer Ninja... to "sit on his face".

DrLupo was in fine form and started his YouTube stream on Monday 16th May with an "apology", making the most of the rather ridiculous situation to issue a sarcastic but beautifully delivered speech.

"I made a life-altering mistake," said DrLupo in his apology. "I went.. to Twitch.tv/Ninja, and.. I was watching a man play Fortnite: Battle Royale, the ultimate Battle Royale experience,"

"The gameplay that I saw there was so enticing, so enthralling, I could not help myself and my internal urges overpowered me and I typed in chat 'sit on my face'. I'm sorry. I'm sorry to the fans, to the people i let down, the fathers and son that will no longer be able to bond, I'm sorry...."

"I've learned, I will repent. I will learn from my mistakes they gave me a 7 day ban, that I deserve. that ban only lasted an hour but it was a meaningful hour," said DrLupo, whose chat was loving every second of the tongue-in-cheek apology.

"I would like to repent for these sins, for these transgressions, that I made to the gaming community by saying ninja.. PLEASE sit on my face. "

DrLupo then sent the apology to Ninja, who watched the apology on stream with a smile on his face. "This was clearly just a joke between two friends," said DrLupo once the apology was over. "Twitch decided an hour was a long enough ban and then they brought me back to life."

DrLupo left Twitch in August 2021 after securing a contract with YouTube. To say farewell at the time Twitch even made a farewell video on Twitter. The DrLupo apology will likely live on forever, and hats off to the creator for using it for the content.