7 Streamers have Fortnite Icon skins… Who would you like to see next? cover image

7 Streamers have Fortnite Icon skins… Who would you like to see next?

“Fortnite has shown no signs of stopping when it comes to giving popular content creators an Icon Series skin. The question remains though, who will be next?”

Throughout the past few years, Fortnite has made sure to pay homage to its largest creators. Multiple Fortnite content creators have been gifted their own skin, which is a part of their "Icon Series".

Currently, seven creators have been gifted an Icon skin, with popular streamer "Chica" given her own skin most recently. Each cosmetic is made specifically and uniquely for each streamer, catering to multiple different aspects surrounding the popular content creators.

Here is every skin that is a part of the streamer Icon Series.

1. Ninja

Some would call Ninja the father of Fortnite. Tyler Blevins' (Ninja) legacy looks back at his moments on Twitch when Fortnite started to take off, back in 2018. The game had found its wave, and Ninja was sailing that ship.

Ninja was the first streamer to have a skin in the Icon Series. It was only a matter of time before Fortnite paid its respects to Ninja and everything he helped do for the game. His devotion and love for streaming the popular battle royale helped not only put himself at the top of the charts but brought Fortnite along with him.

Whether you enjoy Ninja's content or not, you can not deny that he was once and still is one of the biggest names in Fortnite content creation.

2. Loserfruit

Joining the island from the "Down Under", popular streamer "Loserfruit" was the next creator to join the Icon Series. 29-year-old Australian streamer, "Kathleen Belsten" currently holds the second-most followed Twitch account amongst female streamers.

Like Ninja, Loserfruit was another Fortnite streamer that got her kicks in early when the game had just started to gain traction. Having a popular YouTube channel alongside her Twitch, Loserfruit has been making content since 2013.

The popular female streamer has made unprecedented moves within the Fortnite community, that has inspired creators from all over. She was the leading streamer in 2019 to compete in the "Fortnite: Summer Smash" tournament that was held in Australia, where she competed again in 2020.

3. LazarBeam

Fortnite and Australian content creators just mix well apparently. Up next on the roster is "LazarBeam", aka Lannan Neville Eacott. LazarBeam is a 27-year-old YouTube content creator, who specializes in fun and comedic gaming experiences.

With over 20 million subscribers on his YouTube, LazarBeam is a big name when it comes to Fortnite content creators. The creator has almost 8 billion views combined on his YouTube. It was just a matter of time before he received his own Icon Skin.

In June 2020, during a large season ending Fortnite event, LazarBeam's YouTube live stream peaked at 900,000 viewers, allowing him to hold one of the highest watched live streams to ever be on the internet.

4. TheGrefg

Hailing from Spain, "TheGrefg" otherwise known as David Cánovas Martínez, is one of the highest watched Spanish YouTube creators and Twitch streamers. Being nominated for multiple awards, including the "Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards" for "Favorite Spanish Influencer", TheGrefg has impacted the hearts of many.

Grefg is no stranger to Twitch. Having the eighth most watched Twitch channel, Grefg has helped do numbers for Fortnite. In fact, Grefg holds the record for the most concurrent viewers at once on Twitch when he was revealing his very own Icon skin. During this stream, he peaked at 2.4 million viewers.

Whether you watch him or not, TheGrefg continues to win the love and respect of many fans.

5. Lachlan

Being another Australian content creator, and having one of the highest YouTube subscriber count, "Lachlan", aka "Lachlan Ross Power", has been one of the largest known Fortnite creators since the games start.

Starting out as a "Call of Duty" YouTube creator, Lachlan found himself in love with the game of Fortnite during its release in 2017. The content creator was then awarded the "Favorite Aussie" award at the "Kids' Choice Awards" in 2019.

With over 14 million subscribers on YouTube, Lachlan continues to pave the way for future creators, which is why he was so deserving of a Fortnite Icon skin.

6. Bugha

It only seems fitting when picking and choosing who will get an Icon skin, that Fortnite makes sure to include their "World Champion". "Bugha", otherwise known as "Kyle Giersdorf", is the pro-gamer and popular content creator who won the $3 million prize by getting 1st place in the Fortnite World Cup back in 2019.

This win was Bugha's rise to fame. With one of the largest Twitch communities of over 5 million followers, the streamer and pro gamer has rightfully put his name in the lights. When adding Bugha's skin into Fortnite, the game also included a new game mode titled "Bugha's Late-Game Arena".

This game mode was loved by many, and was even brought in as a permanent game mode during the next Fortnite season. The game mode included all of the weapons and items used during the World Cup, and allowed players to drop directly into a Fortnite endgame.

Bugha's young age and aspiration has influenced so many young gamers and has shown them that anything is possible.

7. Chica

Fortnite's most recent Icon skin, "Chica", aka "Maria Lopez", has just joined the game. Chica, being one of the largest Twitch streamers, is one of the only streamers who streams in two different languages. Being fluent in both Spanish and English, Chica is able to switch between languages for her stream.

Chica, who is bisexual, is the first Icon skin to represent the LGBTQ+. With over 2 million followers on Twitch, Chica has surely been an icon for young people and adults by showing them a safe space to represent themselves.

Fortnite giving her an Icon skin gives hope for more diverse representation within the gaming world.

Who is next?

Fortnite has shown no signs of stopping when it comes to giving popular content creators an Icon Series skin. The question remains though, who will be next? Popular creators such as Pokimane, Myth, Tfue, and more seem to still be awaiting an Icon Series skin.

This leaves an exciting future for creativity within the Fortnite realm. Whether or not your favorite creator recieves their very own skin may be unclear, but the options are endless as the game remains one of the most popular games within the gaming world.

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