Fortnite ran a console exclusive cup this weekend. Players from around the world battled in the Console Champions Cup.

Many top console players moved to PC, but returned to their Xbox Series X or PS5 for this console-only cup. Across the world, players competed in the Console Champions Cup. In North America, two of the best console teams went back and forth all tournament. Ultimately, Dropz, Zpxy, and Tkay push off the contenders with a big last match. In Europe, top PC pros claimed the prizes by switching to console for the event. They claimed a share of the $250,000 prize pool.

Tkay claims 1st place alongside two console stars in NAE Console Cup

Players could only compete on a console (Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch) during the Console Champions Cup. This lead to many professional Fortnite players buying consoles to play the tournament. In every region, at least a few professional players competed. In the end, it came down to two long time console players, Tkay and Cartoon.

The North American trio of "Dropz," "DL Zpxy," and "TNG Tkay" claimed the title of Console Kings. They impressed throughout the tournament. In all four rounds, the trio never finished outside of the Top 5, including a win in the final round.

During the final round, the trio looked up at "Cartoon," "Arri," and "Jbcao." Cartoon, Arri, and Jbcao jumped out to an early lead with back-to-back wins in match two and three. Not only did the trio win, but they eliminated 11 and 12 players respectively. Cartoon, Arri, and Jbcao looked like they would run away with it. Unfortunately for them, Dropz, Zpxy, and Tkay sat right behind them.

Although Dropz, Zpxy, and Tkay never won a match, they stayed consistent throughout the day. The trio never placed outside of the Top 10 in a single match. This kept them close as closed the gap in the back half of the tournament.

Final fight from Game 6 of the NAE Console Champions Cup<br>(Video from

Heading into the final match, Cartoon's trio and Tkay's trio were tied at 176. One last game would determine the winner. Poetically, the two trios met head to head in the final zone. Cartoon, Arri, and Jbcao took home the victory royale, but the other trio earned more points. Tkay, Dropz, and Zpxy eliminated nine players in the match and finished with six more points. They won it all!

NAE Console Champions Cup Standings

1. YTDropz, Zpxу, Tng Tkay
2. Cartoon 117, arri rx, Jbcao
3. FS Αjerss, 33 nut ӝ, Chronic Jayѕ
4. TKGC Bylah, TKGC Scar, Spud Lite
5. TKGC SCYLIX, TNG Lupien., Chronic Shxn
6. flu swex, el bufsi, Chromeezen
7. JultyxArmy, A1 Sujay, Crisis xo
8. hanfishygraalrr, Twitter TbSync, dirtymeefks
9. ENDL8SS oogway, еl L2R2, ENDLESS Reverse
10. syqism, 0 IQ Ace, LLAМА

PC players steal away EU Console Cup prize pool, for the 2nd straight cup

Unlike NAE, EU was dominated by professional Fortnite players who normally play on PC. The top three trios all primarily play on PC. Throughout the rest of the leaderboard, console players mixed in. The best trio of full console gamers finished in 5th place. "Koenfnl," "Kochelino," and "Swagiam" proved they could hang with the best of them during the EU Console Champions Cup.

In 1st place, Alexandre "Falcon Andilex" Christophe, "Rz Destru," and "Grizi Laizen" won by a wide margin. The French trio crushed everyone with 48 total eliminations. The next highest elimination total was 34.

With this win, Andilex, Destru, and Laizen won their second straight Console Champions Cup. The wins came in a similar fashion. The trio slays out and drops more eliminations than the rest of the pool. While some players complain about the differences between console and PC, this trio adapts very well. It helps that Destru used to only play console.

Wolfiez, Veno, and Xsterioz win Game 2 of EU Console Champions Cup.<br> (Video from

EU Console Champions Cup Standings

1. Falcon AndiIex, YT Rz Destru, Grizi Lаizеn マ
2. solo veno, wxlfiez, LootBoyXsterioz
3. Le King hycr1s, OVA ночь, coolestcаrrot999
4. GUILD Аnas, Paddy0_, Fnatic Jenks
5. Koenfnl-YT, Kochelinoo, XXSWAGIAMXX
6. heretics packo24, Gibﱞon, GAMMA Kami
7. OTA Kurzanx, le bon tokyo., twitter imMTS
8. GriffFNBR, Bobbyth3dog, 737Nike
9. Teekew, Tygls キ, ALOFT Ronnityy
10. GAMMA Merijn, TCE Vortexia, EP SPLASHEYY

Should PC players be able to compete on console?

Two console players combined with one of the top PC pros, Anas "Guild Anas" El-Abd. "Fnatic Jenks" and Paddy "Paddy" Nolan teamed up with Anas to build a great trio in the Console Cup. Overall, the trio ended in 4th place and picked up a win in the final match. Jenks shared his thoughts following the tournament, "Over the last 3 days of playing, I had a really fun time. The games were stacked and it was its own mini FNCS."

Jenks made his name as a console player. He secured multiple top placements in console-only tournaments. He was not upset about PC players joining in to compete. "Now the console community might complain, but I'm not too bothered. Personally, the skill level is increased and everyone is playing on the same hardware with the same settings."

His sentiment might differ from others in the community, but his take is a positive one. The competition is improved by PC players moving to console for these tournaments. Additionally, it keeps everyone on a level playing field. On PC, there are so many different variables, both hardware and peripherals. None of that matters in a console Cup.