Apex player Sweetdreams has donated $750 to a gofundme for the first Pro League console players to buy a PC.

NRG player Sweetdreams has donated $750 to the first two console players to enter Pro League. Since the addition of Console players into the ALGS - there has always been a reasonable skill gap between those on Console and those on PC.

This weekend, team 'Washed' qualified for the second split of the Pro League. This was despite having two console players on their team. This means that ImAntBoi and Jeloan are the first console players in Apex history to compete at the highest level of competition.

Sweetdreams leads fundraising

Sweetdreams, whose team Washed will compete again next split, donated $750 to the gofundme that was set up to help the two console users purchase a PC to compete on. Currently, over $1000 has been raised.

Sweetdreams is one of the best Apex players worldwide
Sweetdreams is one of the best Apex players worldwide

The gofundme was originally set up by a close friend of the team, Benjamin Ogbonnah. He says in the description that "Being a close friend of theirs got me excited for their future beholds. Sadly, only one of them is on a PC, which will be very difficult for them considering they will be competing with the best of the best in the NA region"

Console framerate limited

The incredible talents of team Washed have shown that Console players can compete against PC players such as Sweetdreams. However, this does not mean that there is not an advantage to those on PC.

Most notably, the framerate is capped on Console to 60FPS. A lot of casual players would not notice a performance benefit from more frames. However at the highest level every frame matters. Console players also report frame drops in 'certain situations'. The last thing team Washed needs is two players on very poor FPS in a crucial end game. The use of lots of abilities (EG. Gibraltar Ultimates) can be a big cause of frame drops on console.

It is incredibly heartwarming to see rival players such as Sweetdreams support their fellow competitors. Even if this hurts their own chances. It is also exciting for the console community to see that there is a pathway for them to compete in Pro League. Console players make up the majority of the Apex player base. Console players have to use PC levels of 'aim assist' in tournaments.

The question is now, thanks to support from Sweetdreams and the community, Can team Washed make the transition to PC before Pro League begins?