Apex Legends Global series announces new features including a new league format, $5 million prize pool and console play. For the first time ever, Playstation and XBOX players will be allowed to compete.

ALGS Year 2 will see more players and an even bigger prize pool

The Apex Legends Global Series is the main competitive circuit for Apex Legends. Created by Respawn themselves, the competition pits the best teams from around the world in a series of competitive events. The first year was without a doubt a huge success. Viewership numbers were high, and the prize pool was even higher.

Respawn is following last year's success with even more exciting announcements. Coinciding with Season 10 of Apex Legends - which will feature the new legend Seer - ALGS Year 2 will see 40 of the best teams in each region will compete for a chance to win it all.

According to a new blog post from Respawn, a handful of new features will find their way to the ALGS Year 2. Firstly, and most importantly for competitors, the overall prize pool will jump up to $5 million. During year one of ALGS, the developer sold in-game skins to boost the prize pool up to $2.5 million.

Qualifier events will begin in September 2021, followed by a series of online competitions which for the first time will feature Playstation and Xbox players. That's right. Respawn will allow console players to join the fun and compete alongside PC players. In addition to this news, they noted console aim assist will not be used. Instead opting for PC aim assist only, regardless of the platform.

"To maintain competitive integrity, all controller players will be competing using PC-value aim assist settings, regardless of their platform. The battle between controllers vs mouse and keyboard is about to reach a whole new level of intensity!"

EA on how aim assist will work in cross-platform competition - Official announcement post

Furthermore, the new Pro League format and Challenger Circuit will give amateur players a chance to earn their way into the mix. This alongside the addition of 16 new countries that are now eligible to compete in the Apex Legends Global Series.

A return to LAN

Last but not least, year two of ALGS will see the long awaited return to LAN events. After a series of online qualifiers and league play, an in-person event will kick off the Pro League Split Playoffs of ALGS Year 2 in January of 2022. While Respawn successfully pulled off a fully online year one of ALGS, this return to LAN will be very exciting.

The entire series will coincide with another LAN in July 2022 for the coveted Apex Legends Global Series Championship. 40 of the worlds best teams will show up and battle for a $2 million prize pool and a year two championship title.