ALGS LAN Day 1 Recap: Fan favorites struggle while Alliance and Liquid show up big in group stage cover image

ALGS LAN Day 1 Recap: Fan favorites struggle while Alliance and Liquid show up big in group stage

The ALGS Split 2 group stage has kicked off and is in full swing. Join us as we recap day 1 of Apex’s first LAN in 2 years.

The ALGS Split 2 playoffs are in full swing. After a insane day 1 group stage that contained over 36 rounds of Apex, there's tons of storylines to and plays to follow. Alliance and Liquid showed up big on Day 1 even as the fan favorites struggled to find form.

Fan favorites struggle while others show up big

This ALGS LAN has been 2 years in the making and nerves are high and the stakes are even higher. In day one of the ALGS split 2 playoffs, the favorites underperformed as the Apex community expected them to dominate their groups after their qualifier runs. TSM and NRG had barely made it into the top 20 with 106 total points and 107 points respectively. SCARZ and G2 unfortunately didn't make the cut and will have to duke it out in the losers brackets.

While on the other hand, the newly signed OpTic Gaming and region staples Alliance and Team Liquid showed up big. With Alliance coming out in first place with a whopping 205 total points and closely followed by OpTic and Team Liquid. After day 1 of the ALGS split 2 group stage, the stage is set for some huge comebacks and great plays.

Some of the best plays of the day

OpTic Skittlecakes' armor swap dance

OpTic alongside their massive point total had tons of phenomenal plays during day 1 of the ALGS split 2 playoffs . Their best and one of the best clips of the day is Skittlecakes' clutch. In the 3v1 against Totem at the end of the game with insane armor swaps and even better PK shots, he manages to cultch out the game.

Team Liquid Gilderson's beams

Team liquid played out of their minds during the split 2 playoffs. The team typically performs above average but nothing stellar in other tournaments. However, they blew everyone away with their insane plays and top placements. Gildersons, the newest and youngest player of Team Liquid pulled off an insane 1v3 clutch on Stormpoint and stunned everyone with his skill.

Although some teams have struggled, others have shined in the ALGS split 2 group stage. Additionally, its only day 1 of the 3 day event. Teams are more than capable to mentally reset and come out swinging during the winners and losers brackets. Follow our ALGS coverage as there's tons more Apex content on its way.