OpTic Gaming STORM towards ALGS Playoff finals (B vs D) cover image

OpTic Gaming STORM towards ALGS Playoff finals (B vs D)

OpTic Apex have secured their spot in the winners bracket with time to spare. Skittlecakes helped them there with one of the plays of the tournament, securing a big win near Geyser.

OpTic Gaming took a HUGE leap towards the ALGS Playoff finals. They guaranteed a top 20 finish with 6 games left to play. The trio, newly signed yesterday, were the pre tournament favourites.

Team Liquid also continued their strong form, and they sit tied with OpTic at the top of the overall standings.

Both teams will enter the winners bracket, and have two chances to make the ALGS Playoff Finals tomorrow.

OpTic Gaming find top form

Newly signed OpTic Gaming found the form that saw the trio of Knoqd, Dooplex and Skittlecakes win the NA Pro League split 2. The all american team dominated the second set of matches from start to finish.

The trio showed their new bosses at OpTic why they are one of the most feared teams anywhere in the world. They dismantled Team Burger in a very steady paced 3v3 on their way to a victory on Storm Point.

Knoqd, Skittlecakes and Dooplex are one of the very best team fighters in the world. The team has perfect chemistry and synergy in game.

Skittlecakes INSANE clutch

However, that is not to say that each player does not have strong individual skill. Skittlecakes has already laid a big claim on the best individual play of the whole tournament, as he danced around several shield swaps to secure a big massive victory.

There had been accusations and speculation that Skittlecakes might not be totally legit - he is just that good that people assume he must be cheating. OpTic will be delighted that he has put that rumour to bed once and for all.

OpTic Gaming (right hand side, second row) are leading the overall standings after 12 games
OpTic Gaming (right hand side, second row) are leading the overall standings after 12 games

Overall top 10

OpTic Gaming and Team Liquid lead the way

  • OpTic Gaming - 122
  • Team Liquid - 122
  • Alliance - 113
  • FOR7 - 112
  • Element 6 - 106
  • 100 Thieves - 103
  • aDRaccoon - 93
  • Cloud9 - 88
  • Team Empire - 87

Team Liquid maintain great form

Team Liquid, inspired by a fantastic solo move by Gilderson maintained their great showing at LAN. They are tied with OpTic Gaming for 1st overall. They won their opening group games.

Gilderson, their latest signing, was in fantastic form across all 6 matches. Liquid dropped 42 kills across the 6 games. With all 3 members dropping 14 kills each, everyone is pulling their weight.

They will be looking to end the day strong, and maintain this great momentum heading into the winners bracket. Follow our Apex Legends section for more tournament updates.