OpTic Gaming advance to ALGS finals after victory in the winners’ bracket cover image

OpTic Gaming advance to ALGS finals after victory in the winners’ bracket

OpTic Gaming secured their route into the ALGS Playoff finals with a huge performance in the winners bracket. They are clear favorites for the title.

OpTic Gaming advanced to the ALGS playoff finals. They dominated the winners bracket, and are firm favorites to take home the title tomorrow.

Elsewhere, it was a very disappointing showing for NRG. They struggled and will hope to regroup before having a second attempt to qualify for the finals in the losers bracket round 2.

10 teams advanced from the winners bracket into the playoff finals. 10 more teams will join them tonight from the second round of the losers bracket.

OpTic Gaming unstoppable

OpTic Gaming, who are the North America Pro League champs, are in top form. They are showing up in a big way at LAN and are the clear favorites to take home the title.

They averaged 5.1 kills per game, and are finding a great balance of aggression.

OpTic Gaming contested at Mill, but still finding success

One of the biggest challenges that faced OpTic Gaming today was on Storm Point. They were contested by Players (formerly Gambit). Hardecki and players are one of the best mechanical teams in the world.

But, just like Sentinels, Players struggled against OpTic. They were often thirded (and fourthed) at Mill, and while OpTic edged it, the contest hurt both teams.

Players didn't qualify - and will head to the losers bracket.

In Game 5, Knoqd was the only member of team OpTic to survive the off drop fight. He managed to escape with both banners and get both Skittles and Dooplex back into the game.

They then went on to win that game - even when they are at a major disadvantage, OpTic pull through.

By winning the lobby OpTic will start the match point finals with 10 points. Only 40 away from the chance to win a game and take the title.

Dooplex: "Skittlecakes is the best player in the world"

Dooplex told Fallout on the ALGS broadcast that his teammate Skittlecakes is the "best player in the world". He had faced accusations that he was cheating in online tournaments.

One of their strengths is how coordinated they are as a team, Dooplex says it is a great reassurance that when he makes a call "they do what needs to be done".

Heading into finals Dooplex said that OpTic Gaming are "just going to play it how we normally do. I have full confidence in the team that we will bring home the dub."

Poor showing from NRG

NRG dropped into the losers bracket. They had a miserable showing and failed to get anywhere near the top 10 all day.

NRG only made it into the top 20 in 17th, and that is where they finished in the winners bracket.

There was a big share of bad luck, whether it be getting focused by several teams or being gatekept. They suffered the effects of Team Empires Mad Maggie and Seer combination in Game 2.

NRG had been using Wattson on Storm Point, but moved away from the electrifying legend all together today. They instead opted for Loba and then Ash.

NRG can't find the aggression

IGL Sweetdreams struggled to find the right level of aggression for his team. In game 3, they went on a rampage. They wiped the first 3 squads out of the game, and had 7 kills very early on.

This gave fans a glimpse into a full force NRG and their fighting potential. However, they finished 16th in this lobby - they over focused TSM. While TSM were in a bad spot, NRG neglected their backside and an enemy team walked up. TSM went on to survive and secure big points.

Now, Sweetdreams, Nafen and Rocker will need to reset and prepare for another chance to make finals. They will go again in the second round of the losers bracket at around 7:15pm CEST.

The 10 teams joining OpTic in finals

It was an all NA top 4 in the winners bracket.

  1. OpTic Gaming - 68
  2. Cloud9 - 64
  3. Team Liquid - 53
  4. 100 Thieves - 52
  5. Sutoraiku - 48
  6. Luminosity Gaming - 48
  7. Reignite - 45
  8. TSM - 37
  9. FOR7 - 34
  10. Alliance - 32

OpTic Gaming and their fellow finalists will now get a big rest before the ALGS Playoff Finals, which start tomorrow at 4pm CEST.

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