NRG and SCARZ struggles continue at ALGS LAN (A vs C) cover image

NRG and SCARZ struggles continue at ALGS LAN (A vs C)

Both NRG and Scarz are outside the top 20 as things stand, with NRG in 22nd and Scarz in 34th. Both need strong games in the final 6 matches.

NRG and Scarz are 6 games away from the losers bracket, as the ALGS Stockholm Playoff LAN continued. Both teams have not performed to their best in the first 12 games. NRG are just shy of the top 20 mark, while Scarz are rooted to the very bottom of the leaderboard.

Scarz are playing with a sub, as Mande is disqualified due to a positive COVID test.

Due to the overall points format, both teams can still turn it around in the final group stage games - but Scarz in particular will need an unbelievably strong finish.

NRG struggle amidst confusion in set 2

It was a topsy-turvy games 7-12 for NRG, who struggled to 15th overall in the A vs C leaderboard. They had a number of miscommunications and some unfortunate luck. The pressure of LAN seems to be stopping NRG from getting into full flow.

There was a lot of frustration from IGL Sweetdreams, after confusion that saw NRG land both on top and at the bottom of the tower. Small mistakes like this cost NRG dearly.

In a separate game, Rocker and Nafen dropped off the high ground and NRG ended up taking 2nd place in a game they should've won, they controlled the godspot all day.

However, NRG have made slow starts before. Who can forget their incredible Series E comeback? With 6 games left, if NRG can iron out their micro mistakes, they will be the force to be reckoned with everyone expected.

NRG using Wattson on Storm Point, but back to Ash on Worlds Edge

Interestingly, NRG have been experimenting widely with different compositions in the run up to LAN. Sweetdreams said that NRG have tried "every possible combination". They started the day using Wattson on both maps, but are now only using her on Storm Point.

This helped them hold down a really strong position at the back of North Pad. Seeing NRG innovate and adapt to a Global meta, instead of just their North American meta, is very interesting. Will they maintain the use of Wattson on Storm Point, or go back to their more familiar setups as they chase top 20 in the final 6 games?

Scarz struggles

Scarz also seem to be feeling the effects of not having Mande on the team, with their usual team chemistry lacking. They seem headed for the losers bracket, but the extra games will be a benefit to them. Scarz can take the time to review their games, and arrive tomorrow with a better understanding of their team chemistry. They didn't get to practice with iPN at all before today's ALGS LAN tournament, due to Mande's positive tests coming only yesterday.

However, because Scarz struggled in the Split 1 playoffs, they need to make finals if they want a chance at qualifying for the Championship LAN - so they need to find a way to turn things around and make it work without Mande.

Dewa United Esports go big

Dewa United Esports dropped a strong set of games, earning 64 points. They are up to 10th in the overall standings and look good for a top 20 finish.

They didn't drop any eyewatering points totals, but instead showed incredible consistency.

The highlight of their set was a big game win in Game 4.

The all Indonesian team were absolutely ecstatic with the win, and will be delighted that they are mixing it with the top teams globally. However, the pressure will now be on to maintain top 10, so can they keep playing their game with the additional pressure that this win will bring?

Overall top 10

NRG nowhere to be found, Team Liquid and OpTic lead the way

  • OpTic Gaming - 122
  • Team Liquid - 122
  • Alliance - 113
  • FOR7 - 112
  • Element 6 - 106
  • 100 Thieves - 103
  • aDRaccoon - 93
  • Cloud9 - 88
  • Team Empire - 87

Can NRG turn it around at the ALGS LAN? Stay tuned to to find out.