Alliance and aDRaccoon make great starts at ALGS LAN (Group C vs D) cover image

Alliance and aDRaccoon make great starts at ALGS LAN (Group C vs D)

Alliance and aDRaccoon started strong in the ALGS LAN C vs D matchup. aDRaccoon, from APAC North used Crypto to deadly effect. They are showing what the APAC North region has to offer on the global stage.

aDRaccoon and Alliance dominated in the Group C vs D ALGS Stockholm LAN matchup. Both teams secured over 70 points and they lead the overall standings in 1st and 2nd place.

The top 20 of the 40 teams on overall points qualify for the winners bracket tomorrow - the whole group stage takes place today. Teams will play 18 games, and their total points from all those games will determine what bracket people play tomorrow.

This means that while Alliance were just pipped to the post in the final game by aDRaccoon, both teams will be incredibly happy with their strong start.

Alliance defend Thermal, see off G2

Alliance, who told they were prepared to move if needed, fought North American heavyweights G2 at Thermal. They successfully defended their home spot, and put down a statement to the several teams who will be eyeing up Thermal. Plus; if G2 and Alliance both make the later stages - they may be hesitant to return.

NRG also benefited from these two teams going head to head, they were quick to third in Game 6, cleaning up from Staging.

Alliance Yuki's insane Kraber collateral

Alliance, who have been bootcamping at Alliance HQ in advance of this ALGS LAN tournament were locked in. Yuki, with the deadly Kraber in hand, hit an insane collateral shot on a team as they descended from the sky.

Yuki dropped the most kills of anyone in the lobby, with a huge 15 kills. Alliance will have a great shot at securing a place in the finals if Yuki can keep up his deadly form.

aDRaccoon showing that it isn't all about NA and EMEA teams

aDRaccoon, representing APAC North lead the overall standings after making an electric start to the days action. Using Crypto, who is a signature legend pick of the region, they performed strongly on both Worlds Edge and Storm Point.

aDRaccoon: An underdog for the title?

While a lot of the focus has been on the big names from the NA and EMEA regions, such as NRG, TSM, Alliance and Optic Gaming, aDRaccoon won the APAC North Pro League and are in great form.

Most notably, there was a lot of discussion pre-LAN at how these APAC teams, who use legends like Crypto and Wattson much more than NA/EMEA would fare. Many said that they would be in for a surprise, and they would soon adapt to follow the same style as those regions.

However, by dropping 79 points and using Crypto effectively, aDRaccoon are showing the strength of the APAC North region and how to use Crypto effectively.

Just like Alliance, ADR make effective use of Kraber

Group C vs D was dominated by outstanding Kraber plays. The gun has been a highly controversial inclusion in the ALGS lootpool for months. Many pros want it removed, and both Yuki and Obly are showing exactly why.

They combined the strength of the Kraber with the power of a Gibraltar ultimate to clean up Cloud9 and others, on the way to a massive 26 point victory in Game 6.

ADR will be ones to watch for the rest of the weekend. They sit comfortably top of the overall standings, and have a great chance to get overall top 20 with ease.

Overall Top 10 after Set 1 games

Alliance, aDRaccoon and Team Liquid in the top 3

  • aDRaccoon - 79
  • Alliance - 73
  • Team Liquid - 63
  • Cloud9 - 60
  • Team Empire - 59
  • REJECT - 59
  • K1CK - 58
  • FOR7 - 55
  • OpTic Gaming - 52
  • 100 Thieves - 49

Can aDRaccoon and Alliance maintain their hold on the overall standings?  Stay tuned to to find out.