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Anas is your $1 million MrBeast Fortnite tournament champion! cover image

Anas is your $1 million MrBeast Fortnite tournament champion!


Fortnite pro Anas triumphed over thousands of players to claim victory and $1 million in the MrBeast Fortnite tournament.

MrBeast's Extreme Survival Challenge Fortnite tournament has officially come to an end. Tens of thousands of Fortnite players had unlimited attempts across three hours to win potential life-changing money. Despite the randomness, Fortnite's MrBeast creative map tested players' movement, awareness, and mental fortitude. When all was said and done, professional Fortnite player Anas "Anas" El-Abd reigned above all other challengers.
The European standout managed a personal record during the MrBeast Extreme Survival Challenge tournament and claimed the top prize of $1 million. 

Anas earns 142,099 points en route to a $1 million MrBeast Fortnite tournament victory

The MrBeast Fortnite tournament's fate was sealed just 46 minutes into the competition when Anas completed a match with a score of 142,099. In the competition-clinching game, Anas remained alive for 20 minutes and secured more points than anyone else. Afterward, Anas took to Twitter, claiming this score as a personal record. 
Many others tried for the next two hours to surpass the bar set by Anas, but all failed. The European player finished 2,000 points clear of "De_Tibbe," who took second. He might not walk away with only the MrBeast Umbrella, though. MrBeast himself launched a Twitter poll, allowing fans to decide whether the runner-up would win a taco or $10,000. 
It was a fantastic performance out of Anas. He worked diligently to learn the ins and outs of each mini-game and master the movement and has etched himself into Fortnite's history book.

A priceless win for Anas

MrBeast tournament leaderboard
MrBeast tournament leaderboard
It's been quite the year for Guild Esports player Anas. He competed in several Fortnite tournaments, winning $125,000 in the Gamers8 Zero Build competition this past summer. He's now $1 million richer. After winning MrBeast's Extreme Survival Challenge Fortnite tournament, he has jumped from 32nd to sixth on the all-time Fortnite earnings list. Furthermore, Anas is now the highest-earning online competitor in Fortnite's five-year history.
The potential recognition from MrBeast is priceless. The YouTuber's recent collaboration with Fortnite made this competition possible. Epic Games officially said the winner will be confirmed in early 2023, likely to rule out any unfair play. However, it's safe to say a high-caliber professional player like Anas cleanly earned this win. 
We'll have to see what's next as the king of YouTube crowns Anas as the $1 million winner of his Fortnite tournament. 
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