Billie Eilish headlines Fortnite Festival Season 3!

A few days ago, a 4chan leak indicated Epic Games and Fortnite's plans for the remainder of 2024. One of those leaks referenced Billie Eilish and her appearance in the Fortnite Festival game mode, following The Weeknd and Lady Gaga. Today, the artist herself confirmed those leaks, and Billie Eilish is officially the headliner of Fortnite Festival Season 3.

Here is everything we know about Billie Eilish's upcoming Fortnite appearance.

Billie Eilish confirmed for Fortnite Festival Season 3

The Grammy Award-winning artist posted an Instagram story at noon on April 22, one day before Fortnite's next significant game update. In the story, you can catch a glimpse of Billie Eilish's Fortnite skin, which stays true to her real-life appearance. The character is covered head-to-toe in green, mirroring her exact look in this Instagram post from July 6, 2019.

Credit: Billie Eilish on Instagram
Credit: Billie Eilish on Instagram

She soon followed the Instagram post with a post on X confirming that she would take the Fortnite Festival Main Stage on April 23. Now that we have confirmation, here is what you can expect from the collaboration.

What can I expect from this Fortnite collaboration?

With the next Fortnite update on April 23, we expect a Fortnite Festival Season 3 Pass to debut. Like the previous collaborations with The Weeknd and Lady Gaga, this Festival Pass should include various cosmetics, including the Billie Eilish Fortnite skin, instruments, Emotes, Back Blings, Jam Tracks, and more. We should see a healthy dose of Billie Eilish music that players can perform in the Festival game mode.

Here are the songs expected to appear in Fortnite Festival:

  • Bad Guy
  • Therefore I Am
  • All The Good Girls Go To Hell
  • Happier Than Ever
  • Oxytocin

It's also worth noting that The Weeknd and Lady Gaga each had a Festival-exclusive skin and an Item Shop collection. As a result, we anticipate Billie Eilish will follow a similar path. However, we won't know until leaks surface or Epic Games releases the information.

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