Dota 2 Patch 7.35c targets Mage Slayer, Shiva’s Guard, Lion, and more OP menaces cover image

Dota 2 Patch 7.35c targets Mage Slayer, Shiva’s Guard, Lion, and more OP menaces

Here are the biggest winners and losers of Patch 7.35c!

Valve just released a new Dota 2 patch, Patch 7.35c, a balance patch before the next big tournament. This update delivered a ton of minor adjustments but it mainly targets the overpowered items and heroes. No more Mage Slayers. No more Shiva's Guard. And most importantly, no more soul-sucking Lions in your pubs. Read more about the new Dota 2 patch below!

Biggest winners and losers of Patch 7.35c

Notable item changes in Patch 7.35c

Black King Bar
Mage Slayer
Heaven's Halberd
Shiva's Guard
Magic Lamp
Fairy's Trinket
Safety Bubble
Giant's Ring

Patch 7.35c finally brings justice to the overpowered items in recent times. This patch also brings a clear economical change as recipe costs are pulled down on a lot of items including Gleipnir, Orchid, Meteor Hammer, and Monkey King Bar.

The Diffusal Blade only got a pinch of nerf where Inhibit now has a 25 mana cost. But its upgraded version, Disperser, received plenty of nerfs. The recipe cost has increased, Suppress no longer has an AoE, and it will now affect both the target and user.

The Mage Slayer was also hit by a barrage of nerfs. This includes an increase in recipe cost, a 5% decrease to its Magic Resistance bonus, and a decrease to its debuff duration (from 6s to 3s). But Valve wants to keep the item afloat, adding a 5 damage per second increase to the debuff damage.

Next is the Shiva's Guard. This has been a go-to item on almost every tanky boys. But it is now slightly nerfed in Patch 7.35c, receiving a massive cost increase, minor armor decrease, attribute bonus decrease, and a health regeneration decrease.

Veil of Discord also faced the wrath of the latest Dota 2 patch. This item sees a minor decrease to its attribute bonus, armor bonus, and health regen bonus as well. The Parasma, an upgrade to Witch's Blade, has also been a nightmare to play against when on heroes like Puck and Outworld Devourer. This item now has an Intelligence bonus decrease from +45 to +40 and also requires a 400 gold recipe.

Even though Khanda is already the cheese that it is, the item isn't really picking up that much popularity. It is seemingly a niche pick for Morphling and occasionally Luna, but it rarely makes appearance anywhere else. In Patch 7.35c, Valve adds an extra 50 damage to its Empower Spell base damage.

The Black King Bar also got a good buff, adding the magic resistance from 50% to 60%. Heaven's Halberd will likely soar in the meta next, as it now rocks a higher evasion, health regen, and spell amplification.

Notable hero changes in Patch 7.35c

Arc Warden
Phantom Assassin
Dragon Knight
Faceless Void
Nature's Prophet
Vengeful Spirit
Witch Doctor

For heroes in Patch 7.35c, there were overwhelmingly more nerfs than buffs. In the latest tier 1 tournament, BetBoom Dacha Dubai, there were a couple of heroes that were heavily contested. These include Chen and Doom which were both banned in almost every single match. While Chen received a humble nerf, Doom was heavily hit.

Doom's bonus movement speed is now decreased, its ultimate's duration decreased massively in early game, and its Scorched Earth talent damage decreased.

Dragon Knight has also been a hot pick recently. This hero's ultimate, the Elder Dragon Form, faces a heavy nerf. Its movement speed is slower, its attack speed is slower, and its magic resistance is also toned down.

Next big nerf is the Faceless Void. Its Time Dilation cooldown progression slow is decreased in the early levels. Time Lock also no longer has a bonus duration against creeps. His Talents also tank some nerfs, with the Time Lock damage decreased and attack speed during Chronosphere decreased.

A change that will be widely celebrated by the Dota 2 community is Lion's nerf! This hero has been extremely annoying to play against due to its Aghanim's Shard. This Shard grants Lion the BKB effect when he actively drains mana and it felt like this hero was just untouchable. Lion was also the most picked hero in BetBoom Dacha Dubai which says a lot! Patch 7.35c finally nerfs the Lion's Shard, decreasing the movement slow bonus, magic resistance, and break distance. The Earth Spike now also has a higher cooldown in earlier levels.

Meepo has been on a spree lately and this was because of his powerful MegaMeepo. Valve nerfed the unique hero, decreasing its max health restore by 10% and reducing the stats gained from other Meepos by another 10%.

Another nerf hits the Nature's Prophet. This hero will now struggle to maintain its active rotations in the early game. Valve nerfs its base damage and adjusted its Sprout damage to deal lesser damage in earlier levels. Its Teleportation spell now also has a higher cooldown in early game.

A notorious support hero that has been lingering for a long time is Vengeful Spirit. The new Dota 2 update increases its Magic Missile cooldown and decreases its Wave of Terror damage.

Some heroes also got buffed in Patch 7.35c. This includes a massive cast range upgrade for Phantom Assassin's Stifling Dagger. The Lechrac finally sees a buff to its Diabolic Edict with a higher damage per explosion. The Terrorblade will also have a better time during teamfights with a lower cooldown on his Reflection and a higher base strength.

We have highlighted the biggest and most significant changes of Patch 7.35c. This patch arrives just before DreamLeague Season 22, the next premier tournament, begins. If you want to dive into the patch notes, you can click here. Stay tuned to for more Dota 2 news!