The Betboom Dacha Dubai meta: A new meta is on the rise? cover image

The Betboom Dacha Dubai meta: A new meta is on the rise?

Betboom Dacha is well on it’s way, and with it a new meta has developed. Join us and find out the details on which heroes are seeing play.

As Betboom Dacha Dubai finishes its Group Stage, a new meta has developed. The matches were played on a relatively new patch, 7.35b, and there has been a distinct shift in the meta. Although some heroes have stayed the same, there are new faces that are becoming new meta threats. So, let's break down the new, emerging Dota 2 meta at Betboom Dacha as we move into the Playoffs.

The Meta trio of contention at Dacha - Doom, Timber and Chen

For the first time in a while we have a hero that has had a 100% contest rate at a tournament. Typically at tournaments, there are meta heroes that reach the 90%'s but never 100% contest rate. That means the hero is either picked or banned in every game, which just goes to show how valuable the hero is. At Betboom Dacha, that meta hero is Doom. Despite the initial downfall due to the change of his ultimate ability, Doom still is the king.

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Also sitting alongside Doom, or at least in a close second place is Timbersaw who has a 98% contest rate. With 46 total bans and 13 picks in game, Timber is the second most contested hero at Dacha. However, even with the high contest rate, he sits at a terrible 30% win rate. Despite how well Timber does in lane and counter the emerging meta picks, Timber can't win games on his own.

Bulky front liners aren't the only ones at the top. The original king of the zoo, Chen sits at a surprising 95% contest rate. Chen's high contest rate is deserved, as in the four times he's made it past the banning stage, he's won each game he was played. The combination of auras, healing, and pressure he provides with minimal net worth is truly staggering. Not to mention all the various Chen specialists that are present at Betboom Dacha, like Insania who's been abusing the hero in his matches.

A new meta at Betboom Dacha finally emerges?

It seems like we have finally shifted out of the previous meta, or at least it seems at Dacha. Where teams are experimenting with new heroes rather than the classic Faceless Voids, Windrangers, and Anti-mages. In its place, we've seen the emergence of heroes like Slark, Mars, and Dragon Knight who have all been on the rise.

Our Fishy Friend escapes from Dark Reef

Slark has become a sleeper carry pick. Out of his 12 matches, he sits at 66% win rate. Which is the highest it's been for the hero at a pro level for quite some time. Normally, Slark gets punished during the laning stage too much to have a strong impact. However with the strength of Mage Slayer as well as the map size increase, Slark can not only fight earlier but also catch back up in farm if he's behind.

Mars and Dragon Knight to the rescue

Dragon Knight and Mars have been the stars of the offlane at Betboom Dacha. Surprisingly, Dragon Knight sits with a 71% contest rate. Which if you told the casual Dota 2 fan a couple months ago, they would think you were joking. However, Dragon Knight has everything you could want in an offlaner: tanky, can push, and has a good stun. Previously, Dragon Knight struggled to make impact in the mid lane. However now, with a shift to the offlane, he's become a premier pick. Especially since as soon as he hits level 6, that tier one tower is as good as gone.

While on the other hand, Mars is the same Mars we've always had. Not much has changed in his build either. He still builds the typical initiator items, that being Blink Dagger and BKB. However why Mars has seen such a resurgence is that he counters some of the most picked heroes at Dacha. Easy Arena targets like Timbersaw, Slark, Lone Druid and more have all resurfaced, and become easy prey for Mars. Not to mention some of the best Mars players are at the tournament, which always inspires other players.

Surprise off-Meta picks at Betboom Dacha

Playing to the meta isn't always the sure way to win a game. There are off meta picks at Betboom Dacha that have worked out phenomenally for teams. With low pick rates and contest rates, the heroes have a couple games under their belt and a high win rate. Not to be confused with the "cheese" picks like Visage or Bristleback that we've seen at the tournament with only one game and one win to their name.

Muerta and Marci, the M's of the Meta at Betboom Dacha

Muerta hasn't really changed since her dominant streak a couple patches ago, where she was the go-to carry. However despite her falling out of the meta, she still deals insane amounts of damage and control in team fights with her kit. And it shows, with 4 total picks and a 100% win rate. She's been both seen as a carry and a support, by Gaimin Gladiators and LGD to amazing extent.

With 6 total picks, Marci has put in the work at Betboom Dacha for her team. She's exclusively been played as a support, but don't let that fool you. As she sits with a 83% win rate, which is one of the highest win rates for heroes with more than five matches. She's been used predominantly alongside heavy initiation or frontline heroes like Mars or Centaur as a follow up initiator.

Split Push royalty, Naga and Arc

Since the 7.34 patch where Arc Warden's ultimate got changed, the primordial fragment has struggled to see any use. On the other hand, Naga Siren has been the same old Naga that the community has a love/hate relationship with. Despite that, both heroes known for their split pushing have seen a surprising amount of usage and win rate at Betboom Dacha. Arc Warden sits with 5 games and an 80% win rate, while Naga Siren has 7 matches at 85% win rate. With the map size increase, and new buffed items, these heroes have more time to shine. And with enough time, these two can easily carry games on their backs.

As the Playoffs is only a day away due to the 1v1 tournament, we'll just have to see how the meta develops sooner. For more Dota 2 content, and coverage of Betboom Dacha, stay tuned to