Here are all rewards in the Aghanim’s Labyrinth Battle pass!! cover image

Here are all rewards in the Aghanim’s Labyrinth Battle pass!!

Valve released a new Battlepass for Dota 2, and with it comes new rewards for purchasers, including a new Mirana Persona and immortal set for Hoodwink!

The holiday season has come around once more and it looks like Valve treated us to some presents. This evening, Valve released a new Battle pass update including a return of the beloved Aghanim's Labyrinth game mode, and a new arcana for Drow Ranger. As part of the Battle pass new rewards and cosmetics for characters have been released to help customize your favorite heroes.

Drow Ranger Arcana - The Dread Retribution Arcana

The most impressive cosmetic in this battle pass is the Drow Ranger arcana. It includes 800+ voice lines and includes some special responses for victims of her revenge. There's a new hero portrait, new ability icons and new visuals for some items. It also comes with a custom kill effect

New Mirana Persona

To start, one of the biggest rewards is a new persona for Mirana. Considering Mirana has long bee lambasted for her very out of date model, this is a welcome site. The persona is based of the version of Mirana in the Dragon's Blood Anime. Netflix recently announced the second season of the show. The Persona is meant to be a follow up to the Dragon Knight Persona that came with the Nemestice Battlepass. The Persona unlocks once you reach level 135 of the Battlepass. You can also get an alternative style for the Persona once you reach level 235.

Hoodwink Players finally get some cosmetics!

Another big reward is a new set for Hoodwink. This will be the first set of cosmetics for the hero since she was released earlier this year. The set, entitled Tomo'kan Incarnate, is a new immortal set with new animations, and a new icon for Scurry! It appears to be inspired by the Kitsune, a fox spirit from Japanese folklore. The set is unlocked once you reach level 275 of the Battlepass.

Ten new Immortals

Claws of Nuranu
Draca Maw
Immortal Pantheon
Emerald Subjugation
Aktok's Domain
The Bell of Meranthia
Paragon's Pride
Golden Immortal Pantheon
Golden Draca Maw
Soul Shredder

More Rewards!

In addition to these immortals, there are also golden versions of the new Huskar and Zeus immortals. There are plenty of other rewards to unlock by progressing the Battle pass! In addition, several new voice lines that have been released as well as a new courier. There are also new creep styles for dire and radiant as well as new tower skins!

You can see a preview of all the new rewards on the Dota website as well as by looking in game! Let us know what you think about the new rewards and the new game mode!

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