The much anticipated Spectre Arcana has finally arrived as part of an unexpected BattlePass drop. The Arcana set is unlockable at BP level 330.

The Dota 2 community, still recovering from the shocking news of the International 10 being delayed again, can find joy in today's update. On June 23rd, Valve has dropped not just the Nemestice event but more importantly a brand new BattlePass. As part of the BattlePass, which is customary every summer, the latest Arcana has arrived. This time for Spectre.

Spectre Arcana is here!

It's taken an entire year but we finally have the Arcana for Spectre, who won the BattlePass Arcana vote last summer. While the Phantom Assassin Arcana dropped her daggers at the location of her slain victims, the Spectre Arcana's armour will upgrade as you rack up the kills. Spectre's Arcana also has a custom Kill Streak counter and new icons and effects for Blademail and Radiance, two items commonly built on the carry hero.

But that's not all! The Arcana also includes (as is customary):
- All new animations
- New attack sounds and ambient effects
- New effects for all four of Spectre's abilities; Spectral Dagger, Dispersion, Desolate and Haunt
- New Hero Portrait
- New Ability Icons
- New Minimap icon

Spectre Arcana means all new icons and portraits
Spectre Arcana means all new icons and portraits

Another "nice" addition is death effects granted for not just Spectre, but also her victims! On killing an enemy hero a blast will appear, and Spectre's daggers will burst out from the centre as the victim falls pitifully to the ground.

Unlockable Second Style, even more terrifying

The Phantom Ascension is an unlockable second style for the Spectre Arcana
The Phantom Ascension is an unlockable second style for the Spectre Arcana

The Spectre Arcana (Phantom Advent) comes with a unlockable second style, Phantom Ascension. Help Spectre define her own reality with the edge of her blade. Earn a Mega Kill streak in 100 different games to unlock the Phantom Ascension alternate style.

How to unlock Spectre Arcana?

While several Arcanas have been purchasable in the past - for example Pudge's, Ogre Magi's and Earthshaker's - the Spectre Arcana is only unlockable via the BattlePass. To unlock the Arcana you must first purchase the BattlePass and then reach level 330. Level wise it might seem high, the Windranger Arcana Compass of the Rising Gale was locked until level 575 and Queen of Pain's Eminence of Ristful was a level 445 Battle reward.