New Drow Ranger Arcana sees Traxex rejuvenated, bloodthirsty and way more evil cover image

New Drow Ranger Arcana sees Traxex rejuvenated, bloodthirsty and way more evil


The Drow Ranger Arcana was everything we could have wished for and more. Arriving as part of the Winter Battle Pass, she can be yours for just 333 levels.

Valve have unleashed a winter gift for us all, a Drow Ranger Arcana. Unlockable at Battle Pass level 333, the Dread Retribution set rejuvenates Drow Ranger and gives us a glimpse of her younger, darker days.
The new Arcana was part of the Winter Battle Pass, which also features a new version of Aghanim's Labyrinth, The Continuum Conundrum.

Through the eyes of the mad mask, Traxex glimpsed forgotten memories of her youth. But in addition to her own repressed terrors, the mask revealed much more—horrors glimpsed by different eyes in other times.

Now, even as she casts the mask aside, she must fight to overcome the most self-destructive impulses unleashed by the evils burned behind her eyes. In this maelstrom of loathing, her only recourse is vengeance... against any worthy victims that cross her path

What does Drow Ranger Arcana include?

The Drow Ranger Arcana, which arrived as part of the Labyrinth update, includes 800+ exclusive voice lines done by the original actor to "reflect the grim change of heart". It also includes "special responses for victims of her revenge".
  • Revenge Indictator (linked to unlocking Style 2)
  • Custom Channeling Bar for Multishot
  • New Hero Portrait
  • New Ability Icons
  • A new minimap Icon
  • New item Icons for Hurrican Pike, Satanic and Daedelus
New deny animation - the return of "?"
New deny animation - the return of "?"
It comes with a Custom Kill Effect but what will interest Dota fans more is the new deny animation which is simply a "?". Perfect for trying to trigger that mid-laner you're desperately trying to out farm.
Drow Ranger Arcana's Marksmanship in action
Drow Ranger Arcana's Marksmanship in action
As is now expected, the Dread Retribution Arcana comes with custom effects for abilities and items. New effects have been added for Force Staff (and Hurricane Pike) and any item that grants Lifesteal.
Dorw Ranger Arcana's Gust looks so much better than the original
Dorw Ranger Arcana's Gust looks so much better than the original
Valve have said Drow Ranger's new model and pedestal have "followed the dark transformation of her mind" and now fit perfectly "with the bloody trail Traxex stalks". Damn Valve. She even has the splatter of blood on her face reminiscent of Marci.
Drow Ranger Arcana's Multishot
Drow Ranger Arcana's Multishot

How to unlock the Second Style (Master of Madness)?

The unlockable second style Master of Madness for Drow Ranger's Arcana will work in much the say way as Wraith King's Malignant Rule alternate skin. While Wraith King had to kill 100 marked enemies heroes, Drow Ranger will need to get 100 Points.
There are two ways to gain points towards the Second style Master of Madness:
  • 1 Point - Kill your Revenge Target in a winning match (an enemy who killed you earlier in the game)
  • 3 Points - Win a game with Zero deaths using the Drow Ranger Arcana
Do remember that the Drow Ranger Arcana can not be directly purchased, and you must first reach Battle Pass Level 333 to unlock it.
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