Marci is now here to battle! Here’s everything you need to know about the new Dota 2 hero.

The latest Dota 2 hero Marci is now live! From the 2D anime world of DOTA: Dragon's Blood to a hero in Dota 2's client itself, Marci is here to join our battles. She is a strength, melee hero that can work both as a support or carry.

The new hero holds abilities that can initiate and disable in fights and she also has a great escape mechanism, making her one of those slippery heroes in-game. Here's everything you need to know about the new Dota 2 hero!

The new Dota 2 hero Marci is now live in-game

At The International 10, Valve released a trailer hinting at the new hero's release in Fall. Alongside Patch 7.30, Treasure of the Wordless Trek release, and others, Valve released the new Dota 2 hero in a huge update.

Proving that undying loyalty yields unrivaled power, Marci always marches into battle ready to raise fists in defense of her companions. Effortlessly flinging friends and foes around the battlefield, she happily bounds into any brawl, able to grant allies a deadly edge and unleash a hidden power strong enough to make even gods reconsider the wisdom of a hostile path.

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Marci's voicelines are whistles

One point of debate was whether Marci would have any voice lines. In the Dota: Dragon's Blood anime Marci is Mirana's silent side kick, and Valve has stayed true to the anime. Instead of talking, Marci communicates through whistles. Yes, we are actually serious.

Marci's Stats

A hero that dashes around pummeling enemies with rapid attacks, Marci is a hero that is stronger than what her size deems.

To allies, she serves as fierce and honest companion. To enemies, she acts as dauntless deterrence against harming those she deems friend.

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What are Marci's Abilities?


Marci grabs an allied or enemy target and throws it behind her, damaging and stunning the unit if it's an enemy. If any enemy units are in the landing area, they will also be damaged and stunned.

Marci's Dispose ability
Marci's Dispose ability


This ability is vector targeted. Marci bounds to the targeted unit, choosing a direction and distance she will spring away from it. Upon reaching the unit, she lunges to her final destination, damaging and slowing enemies in the area. If the unit she runs to is an ally, it receives 35% bonus movement speed for 5 seconds.

Marci's Rebound ability
Marci's Rebound ability


This ability lets Marci select an allied hero, buffing them and herself with lifesteal and attack damage.

Marci's Sidekick ability
Marci's Sidekick ability


Marci gains Fury charges that allow her to deliver a rapid sequence of strikes. The last strike in every Fury combo creates a damaging pulse around the target that slows movement and attack speed for 2 seconds. In between Fury combos, she is unable to attack for 1.5 seconds. When Unleash is cast. she gains a basic dispel and gains 15% movement speed.

Marci's Unleash ability
Marci's Unleash ability

What are Marci's Talents in Dota 2?

The new hero Marci is the third woman hero that holds the strength attribute apart from Legion Commander and Dawnbreaker. In DOTA: Dragon's Blood, she is a character that quickly became one of the favorites. It'll be exciting to see how she as a hero, develops in the game and how the community plays the hero out!

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