With the International coming to a close, Valve thinks of the feature and gives us a trailer for a new hero: Marci, a character from the anime Dota: Dragon’s Blood!

As if the International 10 could not get hype enough, a new hero has been announced by Valve! After the Secret versus LGD match, the trailer dropped featuring the brand new hero for all to see. For those familiar with the anime Dota: Dragon's Blood, the new hero will be Marci, one the main characters of the show. With that reveal, Valve also announced that the next season of the anime will also be releasing sometime this Fall.

The Background

In the show, Marci was the silent, mute companion of both Davion and Mirana as they made their way through the world of Dota. When the show was announced it gained a great deal of traction in the community. Community members such as Jake "SirActionSlacks" Kanner and Jorien "Sheever" van der Heijden worked with Netflix to produce content about the Netflix exclusive. The show's release also coincided with the new player update to the game, anticipating a stream of anime fans looking to try Dota out themselves.

This is also not the first time that Valve as released content based on the anime. With the release of the Nemestice update and Battlepass, a new persona for Dragon Knight, based on the anime was given as a Battlepass reward. It appears to be an attempt on the part of Valve both to promote the show, and bring a new series of fleshed out characters that can fit into the Dota lore.

Marci's Trailer

The trailer itself features Marci beating the snot out of a bunch of dire creeps. Based on the trailer it appears that she is some sort of brawler character though it's tough to say as to what role she will play in the game. With the release of Dawnbreaker, largely a support hero, it's very possible that Marci may fill a carry role in the game.

After fighting with the creeps, Marci turns to face what appears to be a Hellbear Smasher looming over her. She charges her fist with radiant light and knocks the creature into next week. The scene then transitions from anime art style, it what looks like a preview for her in-game character model. That's where the trailer ends.

There's still more to speculate. The end of the trailer says that the hero will be released in the Fall. Likely that will be sometime in November once the hub-bub of the International is over.

Stay tuned for more details and ongoing coverage of all things Dota, right here at esports.gg!

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