The latest Valve limited-time event is Nemestice, a frantic and relentless battle. Here’s everything we know about it so far! Updates to come.

Summer is upon us, and Valve has graced us with a new battle pass and Dota event. What is this new event you may ask? It’s called Nemestice and it’s the theme of the newest update as well as a free limited time game mode. According to Dota lore, Nemestice is a storm of meteorites that have dropped in the Dota world that contains fragments of the power of Zet, who we all know better as Arc Warden.

In the lore, Zet was once part of a much larger being who was created to keep both the Radiant and Dire Ancients in check. It’s a pretty cool lore addition but for those of you just interested in the event, here’s what we know so far.

The game is centred around a large meteorite that has crashed into the middle of a new map. Each team will push lanes and destroy enemy towers in order to gain control over these different meteorites that strike every 3 minutes in the centre. Each team can then channel the meteorite to gain Nemestice Embers.

The central meteorite
The central meteorite

The Embers then give your hero a power boost, increasing your movement speed, spell power and attack damage. After collecting enough of the Embers, you can deal damage to enemies when you move through them.

The goal of the mode is similar to normal Dota in that you need to destroy enemy structures. In this mode however, When towers are destroyed, they power up their other towers, making them deal more damage and have more health. They also draw the attention of Nemestice creeps that attack you and your allied units. Once you destroy all of the enemies’ towers, you can claim the meteorite and win the game.

We’re excited to try out this new mode and have plans to make a guide for some tips and tricks very soon. For more updates about Dota and all your esports, check us out at

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