Aghanim’s Labyrinth The Continuum Conundrum Update: Drow Arcana, new event game, battle pass and more cover image

Aghanim’s Labyrinth The Continuum Conundrum Update: Drow Arcana, new event game, battle pass and more

There’s also a new persona for Mirana and a Prestige bundle for Hoodwink. This update also adds an experimental controller support.

Dota 2’s latest event, Aghanim’s Labyrinth The Continuum Conundrum,  is now live along with a brand new battle pass.The latest update also adds several new cosmetics, controller support for Dota 2 and new Dota Assistant features.

The long-anticipated Dota 2 update is finally here. It brings a new in-game event just in time for the Holidays. Dota 2 players can get their hands on several new cosmetics as they work their way through the battle pass levels. If the tongue-twister of a name doesn't hold you back, here’s a quick glimpse of everything that’s new in the latest update

The Continuum Conundrum Event

A minor mishap has resulted in multiple Labyrinths, one too many. Labyrinth himself is powerless to do anything about it and the instability caused by the continuum device could result in everything collapsing onto itself. 

The Continuum Conundrum event requires a group of four players to work together. They have the option to choose from a set of fourteen heroes. Players do not require a battle pass to play this event and can find teammates via matchmaking as well. 

The event page suggests there will be multiple paths to victory, so players might be in for a new experience every time they play the event game mode. 

New Battle Pass

The battle pass contains a plethora of rewards, game modes and features. The Cavern Crawl makes its way back into Dota 2 and there are also weekly quests for players to complete. 

If players reach 18 stars each week in the weekly quests, they will receive four Aghanim’s Helping Hand rewards. 

Drow Ranger Arcane, Mirana Persona and Hoodwink Bundle

The battle pass features three amazing Dota 2 cosmetic bundles for Drow Ranger, Mirana and Hoodwink respectively. 

Drow Ranger - Dread Retribution

Drow Ranger's arcana is unlockable at 333 in the battle pass. The new arcana has two styles and custom effects for abilities and certain item usage.

Mirana Persona - Mirana of Nightsilver

Mirana's model gets a much-needed upgrade, but it is stuck behind the battle pass paywall. The new model reminds us of the Netflix character.

Hoodwink Prestige Bundle - Tomo'kan Incarnate

One of the best bundles in this update is Hoodwink's Prestige bundle update. The tricky ranged agility hero gets a cosmetic upgrade and will often catch your attention mid-game.

New Custom Towers/Creeps

New Towers

And New Custom Creeps!

Dota 2 Controller Support?

"Today's update expands the ways players can enjoy the game by adding controller support. From choosing your hero to smashing an Ancient, you can now battle your way to victory in Dota using a controller instead of a mouse. Just plug in a Steam Input-compatible device and start steering your hero into the fray."

Dota 2 is all set to get controller support although its still on an experimental basis. This opens up new ways to play for Dota 2 players, and Valve is still working on improving this feature.

New Dota 2 Features

There are a few new Assistant features in the latest update that are not a part of the battle pass. These features are quality of life changes that will significantly improve the experience for the average player. 

Neutral Items Upgrade Recommendation

The game will now give recommendations on which neutral item to upgrade to. Neutral items add another element to the game and can often be quite powerful determining the course of the match. This update will help players try to get a better recommendation of which neutral item works best for them. 

Rune Spawn Indicator

Another feature aimed at helping newer players (or players who are out-of-touch) is the addition of the Rune Spawn indicator. The new indicator will display the time left for the next rune’s spawn. In order to view the indicator, you have to hold alt at the rune’s spawn location. It will display the time left along with whether it’s a bounty, power or water rune. 

Average Gold Bounty Changer

Players can hold ALT while looking at a lane to view the average gold bounty they could farm from the lane. They can also look at neutral creeps to see whether going for a stack is useful or if they can farm more in lane. Supports Rejoice!

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