The 7.29 gameplay update adds several new changes to the game. There’s a new ‘Water Rune’ and a significant blow to griefers in-game.

The 7.29 gameplay update is finally here with a new hero, Dawnbreaker, and several balance changes. Here is a quick summary of the changes in the latest Dota 2 update. 

What are the balance updates in the 7.29 update?

There are many changes to the Dota 2 map. Valve has moved outposts to stand more prominently in the primary jungle, moved ward cliffs. The update also adjusts the positioning of neutral camps and various paths around the map.

Water rune

A new water rune provides HP and mana at minutes 2 and 4. Image Credit: Valve

There is also a new water rune that will spawn at minutes 2 and 4. The water rune instantly restores 100 health and 80 mana on use. Dota 2 players can also fill their bottles (two charges) with the Water rune.

Level-based attributes are back in Dota 2. Valve has added +2 Attributes leveling for up to 7 times (for the 7 empty levels from 1-26). Players can level up their attributes in any order. 

Changes to outposts

The new outpost location for the Radiant jungle. Image Credit: Valve/Dota2

Outposts are now in the middle of the jungle for each team. The prominent placement allows teams to get slightly faster access to the river. 

Teams will receive XP based on the duration of control of outposts. Each team receives XP (=2* minute) if it controls an outpost at the minute mark. 

Bounty Runes 

Bountry Runes now spawn alongside the previous bounty rune.

Bounty runes no longer spawn in the river; instead, they spawn in each team’s respective jungle. They spawn every three minutes and the amount these runes gave is now provided automatically over time through GPM. Bounty runes no longer disappear when new ones spawn, they now spawn alongside the previous one if it isn’t picked up. At minute 0, Bounty runes spawn in the jungle and at the power rune locations (4 total at the start of the game)

Roshan Changes

Couriers no longer provide vision inside the Roshan pit.

Only the second Roshan kill now drops an Aghanim Shard. Teams can no longer use couriers to get vision inside the Roshan pit, making the Roshan battles very interesting. The tussle between pro teams at the Roshan pit will be exciting to watch for the average viewer. Neutral Items now fly towards the killing hero, rather than spawning under the dead unit. 

Any allied player can now deny a ward from full health if the ward is placed in a spawn camp box. Griefers can no longer block entire jungle camps to prevent their team from farming.

In addition to these quality of life changes, the 7.29 update also brings numerous changes to various heroes and items. 

Interested fans can check out the list of changes on the official Dota 2 blog. will have detailed articles on the new patch in the next few days.

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