Better post-match screen, improvements to Rubick and Dota Plus and much more.

Valve has released the Dota 2 Spring Cleaning update adding several quality of life changes including the popular one-click mute button. There’s also improvements to the Aghanim’s Tooltips, Shop’s searches and the Demo Hero mode.

One of the most requested features over the past few weeks has been for Valve to revert the changes to Mute. Valve has provided Dota 2 players with even more options to mute and report others with the Spring Cleaning update. 

Spring Cleaning brings better Mute functionality

A single click will now mute voice, mute text, and report a player. You can also right-click to mute text and voice independently for cases where a player’s behavior may not be disruptive but their communications are still unwanted. For an easy high-level control, you can also use the new Team Mute buttons to block out an entire team’s communications with a click.

In a previous update, Valve made it tedious for players wanting to mute their teammates. Muting an entire team would require you to click 8 times. Needless to say, doing this during a match is not easy. 

The new update makes it easier for players to mute (and even report) their teammates. 

An updated shop and its search feature will make life significantly easier for Dota 2 players. 

Search has been expanded with improved support for keywords — including a display that highlights searched-for attributes. Just search for “Armor”, “Strength”, “Range”, etc to highlight the stats you’re interested in. Picking the perfect item for the perfect plan has never been easier. All you need now is the gold.

Players can now search for attributes in the shop search which includes terms like attack speed, movement speed, projectile, attack range, cast range, HP regeneration, Mana regeneration and more. 

So instead of searching for the exact item name, you can now search for attributes that give you a peek into which items would be good for your hero.

Demo Hero Changes

The Spring Cleaning update has made Demo heroes more flexible with the ability to spawn runes, reset the hero back to level 1, more ground for hero testing and being able to spawn allied heroes.

Damage Number colors reflect Damage type

Dota 2 Spring Cleaning update now shows damage type by color, making it easier for players.
Damage Colors now represent the damage type.

There are many types of Damage in Dota. Now it’s easier for players to see whether a Damage type is Physical, Magical or pure based on the color of text for Damage numbers.

Permanent Buffs visible on post-match screen

Dota 2 Spring Cleaning Update now shows permanent buffs in post-match screen.
Players can now see the permanent buffs in the post-match screen.

Now you can analyze the post-match screen better as permanent buffs are now available to see on the post-match screen. Necro’s ultimate or Axe’s permanent armor buff will give you a clear indication of how the match went. 

In addition, the Spring Cleaning update also adds better language support and expanded item tooltips. You can now hold Alt to see exactly how much mana a particular item’s stats provides.

Players can also sort the post-game screen by stats, giving you a precise overview of just which hero did the most damage (and more).

There are a bunch of changes to Rubick as he can now steal many more spells and also gains the Aghs Shard upgrade for some of his stolen spells. The devs have also removed some redundant Dota Plus relics and replaced them with relevant ones.

Overall, the patch seems to be extremely important as it will improve the quality of playing Dota 2 by quite a lot. You can check out all the patch notes and improvements here.

Stay tuned to for the latest Dota 2 news and updates.

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