Looking for active Dota teams YouTube channels? Here, we list down 10 best channels where you can find loads of entertaining Dota content!

The trend of creating content for Dota 2 teams has only started rolling. Back in the old days, only a few teams actually shared content with their fans online. Now more of them are starting to build that bridge between fans and teams, especially on YouTube. So to help you hop onto that bridge, here’s a list of the best Dota 2 team channels currently available.

Before we get started, it is important to note that to be on the list, team channels have to:

  • Be active
  • Be in English or provide English subtitles

So let’s begin!

10. Team Secret (462K Subs)

Secret’s channel is the lair of other esports titles. Dota content is quite bizarre and even if there’s any, it would only be the typical match recaps.

Click here for Team Secret’s YouTube channel.

9. Nigma Galaxy (52.9K Subs)

Nigma’s channel has been a little dormant since a few months ago and they only uploaded a Happy New Year’s video in the midst of the channel’s hibernation.

You can find TONS of match highlights and occasional fun content from the players of Nigma. But let’s hope to see more exciting stuff like this video where Kuroky and the boys flew an actual plane!

Click here for Nigma Galaxy’s YouTube channel.

8. Tundra Esports (1.11K Subs)

Tundra’s Dota content started off really great with a bunch of match recaps and segments that help fans get to know the players better.

But the channel isn’t well maintained after a while and there are fewer videos uploaded in the past few months.

Click here for Tundra’s YouTube channel.

7. T1 Nation (15.2K Subs)

T1’s YouTube channel is pretty new, with Dota 2 content only starting from May 2021. There are tons of content from the TI season, featuring challenges, QnAs, and short vlogs. 

However, the Dota 2 branch was only active during the TI season and the channel has been a little dry the past couple of months.

Click here for T1’s YouTube channel.

6. Team Liquid (496K Subs)

This YouTube channel bombards you with content, only that they’re not all Dota. 

Liquid’s channel hosts some interesting Dota segments and fun challenges. A couple of them even featured the famous actor (and a huge Dota fan) Asa Butterfield who had joined the Liquid fam in 2020.

No keyboard? No problem. Blitz hilariously outplays Asa Butterfield in a 1v1 Dota 2 match

There are also fun vlogs and sit-down discussions. But the consistency of Dota uploads is very sparse.

Click here for Liquid’s YouTube channel.

5. Evil Geniuses (117K Subs)

EG’s channel mixes a lot of games and there is a good ratio of entertaining Dota videos. Most of the Dota content comprises match recaps and also some fun segments between the players, but they’re not very consistent. And if you want to dig around for older but gold content, you can find “The Life of a Genius Series” which documented the daily routine of EG members.

Dont worry, you’re not the only one wishing for a comeback series.

Click here for EG’s YouTube channel.

4. OG Esports (79.3K Subs)

OG’s channel has a mix of Dota 2, Valorant, and CS:GO. Most of their Dota content is very laid back and they don’t really do fancy setups.

OG is probably the only Dota team channel that utilizes Youtube Shorts. These Shorts take little of your time but are packed with content, so they’re very engaging and fun to watch. Their Youtube Shorts are mostly match highlights but they are not just normal clips, they are very MEMEY. 

Their channel also provides other types of content such as challenges and QnAs. However, they’re a little inconsistent when it comes to these longer videos. 

Click here for OG’s YouTube channel.

3. Alliance (38.5K Subs)

Alliance’s channel hosts a lot of games but most of their content steers towards Dota. 

Watching Alliance’s channel gives you the feel of watching an actual YouTuber, with mostly vlogs and even funny sketches sometimes. The channel might not look as friendly but after watching their videos, you would feel like you’re a part of the ALLFam, instead of watching as an outsider. 

They’re pretty consistent with the uploads and you can always count on Alliance to bring high-quality vlogs your way.

Click here for Alliance’s YouTube channel.

2. NAVI Dota (1.16 Million Subs)

NAVI’s channel is an actual gold mine of Dota content, especially since it hosts videos that date back from 2010. 

The channel has a catchy and vibrant look and you can appreciate their professional setups and filming. It provides quite a selection of content. There are vlogs, interviews, funny challenges, and even patch discussions. And if you dig deep enough, you would find timeless treasures like a young Puppey and XBOCT interview.

What’s best is that even the old videos have English subtitles! How convenient.

But when it comes to consistency, the channel uploads sparsely and there could be long moments of inactivity. Though, it can easily be justified as some of their videos are 25-30 minutes long. And that’s a lot of content to unpack. 

Click here for NAVI’s YouTube channel.

1. Team Spirit (129K subs)

Team Spirit’s channel has all that you need. 

First of all, the entire look of the channel is easy on the eyes. The thumbnails, all following a theme, are nice and neat. So you shouldn’t worry about getting lost or overwhelmed in the maze of videos.

The channel provides various content from lengthy vlogs, funny and educational challenges, and get-to-know clips. They are not even afraid to experiment with content as you can even find peculiar videos like players doing ASMR. 

They also provide a high-quality production with their nice background setups and immaculate lighting. It really makes you feel like you’re watching a futuristic TV show. 

Spirit’s channel is not exclusively Dota, but it’s not hard spotting Dota related videos as they only share the platform with CS:GO. Sometimes, they even mix players from both titles to play a challenge together.

The channel uploads pretty consistently (about once a week), so you can always rely on them to bring Dota content to your feed!

Click here for Team Spirit’s YouTube channel.

Obviously, these Dota 2 teams YouTube channels aren’t quite up to the standard of consistency, however, we do see effort and improvement over time. So fellow fans, if you’d like to see more from your favorite Dota teams, make sure to give their YouTube channels a lot of support – it helps.

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