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Top ten YouTube channels of Dota 2 teams

Looking for Dota 2 content from professional teams? Here, we list down 10 best YouTube channels where you can find loads of entertaining Dota content!

The trend of creating content for Dota 2 teams has only started rolling. Back in the old days, only a few teams actually shared content with their fans online. Now more of them are starting to build that bridge between fans and teams. So to help you hop onto that bridge, we have listed the best Dota 2 team channels on YouTube.

Before we get started, it is important to note that to be on the list, team channels have to:

  • Be active
  • Be in English or provide English subtitles

So let’s check out the best Dota 2 YouTube channels from professional teams below!

10. Team Secret

You can find some Dota 2 content such as vlogs and game recaps for Team Secret on their YouTube channel. Though since the channel expanded into plenty of other esports, the Dota 2 content has been a little sparse.

Click here for Team Secret's YouTube channel.

9. Nigma Galaxy

Nigma Galaxy actively posts highlight content including DPC highlights, stream highlights, and even pub plays. The channel rarely has long, vlog content aside from clips and interview videos. But you can always rely on NGX to bring the latest gameplay update involving its players.

Click here for Nigma Galaxy's YouTube channel.

8. Team Liquid

Liquid's channel hosts some interesting Dota segments and fun challenges. A couple of them even featured the famous actor (and a huge Dota fan) Asa Butterfield who had joined the Liquid fam in 2020.

But what's even better is Team Liquid now has a channel specifically for Dota 2! Here you can find vlogs, player interviews, insights, and plenty of YouTube shorts.

Click here for Team Liquid Dota's YouTube channel.

7. Alliance

Alliance's channel publishes plenty of Dota 2 content but they've gradually slowed down in recent times. Their latest Dota 2 vlog was nine months ago - which was a farewell video following a rough DPC season. You can also find random sketches and meme videos.

Click here for Alliance's YouTube channel.

6. 9Pandas (10.3K Subs)

9Pandas is a relatively new organization in the Dota 2 scene. They recently picked up former HellRaisers with star players like RAMZES666 and Kiyotaka (also known as depressed kid). You can find a number of vlogs and random skits on this channel, but be patient as the org gradually stack content on the fresh YouTube channel. (PS: They have English subs!)

Click here for 9Pandas' YouTube channel.

5. Gaimin Gladiators

Gaimin Gladiators - the strongest Dota 2 team in the world right now - is not only dominating the scene, but also actively uploading content on YouTube. They give you plenty of content from vlogs, interviews, game highlights, and recaps delivered in humor.

Click here for Gaimin Gladiators' YouTube channel.

4. Tundra Esports

Tundra Esports has massively stepped up its YouTube game. From rare uploads in the previous year, to consistent and high-quality skits in 2023- Tundra keeps its YouTube channel alive and healthy. The org would invite talents and streamers to create S-tier content, something you rarely see in the Dota 2 scene.

Click here for Tundra Esports' YouTube channel.

3. OG Esports

OG is constantly up there when it comes to content and they don't disappoint on YouTube either. Its YouTube channel shares vlogs, highlights, interviews, etc. But its most attractive content is the Monkey Business Show which is hosted by the two-time duo N0tail and Ceb. These 1-hour long podcasts deliver fans deep insight and information regarding OG and the Dota 2 scene.

Click here for OG's YouTube channel.

2. NAVI Dota

NAVI’s channel is a gold mine of Dota 2 content, especially since it hosts videos that date back from 2010. It provides quite a selection of content. There are vlogs, interviews, funny challenges, and even patch discussions. And if you dig deep enough, you would find timeless treasures like a young Puppey and XBOCT interview. What’s best is that even the old videos have English subtitles! How convenient.

Click here for NAVI's YouTube channel.

1. Team Spirit

Team Spirit provides various content from lengthy vlogs, funny and educational challenges, and get-to-know clips. Their LAN event vlogs are almost always uploaded at the very end of the day and the English subs follow through quickly! This makes it easy to follow the team as a fan.

They are not even afraid to experiment with content as you can even find peculiar videos like players doing ASMR. High-quality productions, consistent uploads, and fresh content ideas - Team Spirit is easily the first on this list.

Click here for Team Spirit's YouTube channel.

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