Battle Pass release date? True Sight tomorrow? What do Wykrhm Reddy’s cryptic Tweets mean cover image

Battle Pass release date? True Sight tomorrow? What do Wykrhm Reddy’s cryptic Tweets mean


Dota’s unofficial spokesman has sent the community wild with nostalgic tweets…

Another day, another wild speculation about new content in Dota 2. However, this time we really might be onto something. For real. Honestly, guys, don’t walk away! Wykrhm Reddy might have leaked the date of the Battle Pass or True Sight release!
This speculation which the Dota 2 community has latched onto has come from a set of nostalgic tweets from Reddy’s account. 
Seems innocuous enough, right? Well, internet sleuths believe that you can find the hidden meaning by using the numbers in this tweet and deleting a few letters. And the two leading theories? The TI11 Battle Pass and True Sight release dates.

The ‘science’ behind the theories

Here are the thoughts and reasoning behind the two theories:

The Battle Pass theory

If you tactically remove some words, leaving just certain letters, you can spell out TI Pass 11, 24, 20, 31-5. 
This can be interpreted as The International 11 Battle Pass will release 24 hours x 20 days from the 31st of May. Meaning the Battle Pass could be scheduled to be released on the 20th of June. 
It seems like a stretch but the TI Battle Pass was released on the 24th of May last year. With a later TI this year, and obviously another even longer Battle Pass period, it wouldn’t be a stretch to expect the pass in June. However, there is a more compelling theory

The True Sight Theory

The True Sight theory states that True Sight is releasing at Midnight tonight. How do we know this? More hidden messages in the tweets of course!
Erasing letters throughout the tweet will allow you to read t-r-u-e s-i-g-h-t, 24-00 minutes, 31-5, 65 mins or so. Or, translated, True Sight, 24:00 on the 31st of May with a 65-minute run time. 
Yes! Some think that True Sight is releasing at Midnight on the 31st of May. If we assume this is Valve Time (*ahem* we mean the time of Valve’s offices in Bellevue, Washington), then that puts the release at 9 am in Europe. A perfect release time.

A grain of salt

Obviously, all of this is speculation, bluster, and wild conspiracy theories. However, Valve and Wykrhm Reddy have a habit of dropping hints and cryptic messages. Ahead of the announcement of TI11 in Singapore, a host of hints suggested the true venue. So while the majority of this is crazy guessing, there could definitely be some truth to the theories.
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