In a sequence of random tweets, it seems like Valve is hinting the new TI11 location – and it might be in Singapore.

Today something odd happened. The official Dota 2 Twitter account - which is notorious for its rare tweets - suddenly posted a sequence of random pictures and captions. It seems like a cryptic message trying to hint at a huge announcement. The community tried shooting some guesses - maybe a battle pass announcement, maybe a teaser to a new hero.. but one theory is clearer than the rest. Valve is hinting at The International 11's location, and it might be in Singapore.

Firstly, Valve posted a bunch of pictures, showing mini figurines of Dota 2 heroes traveling, first at the airport and then on the road. The caption reads, "Too long cooped up inside the base. Grab the gang — wing it to some other place."

The Dota 2 Twitter account then posted another set of pictures, only a couple of hours after. This time around, the mini figurines are hanging out at what seems like a pond. It says, "Take a sec. Enjoy the view. Recharge yourself — the real you."

The International 11 might take place in Singapore

As expected, the Dota 2 community united and brought out their inner Sherlocks. Unraveling the riddle, most people pointed out what is now obvious - The International 2022 will take place in Singapore.

The first hint is that the mini figurines are traveling in a flight. Twitter user, LordOfTheKappas pointed out that the airline seat is from Singapore Airlines Business Class.

Singapore Airlines seat vs picture by Valve.
Singapore Airlines seat vs picture by Valve.

The second post sees the figurines already settled at a place, assuming they have arrived at their destination. It is pointed out that the pond is actually Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

The thought of a TI coming to SEA is already taking the community by storm. It is no doubt that the region is greatly enthusiastic when it comes to Dota 2 - but coupled with the fact that a TI has never been hosted there makes it even more significant.

But it is never really true until it is officially announced. For now, Dota 2 fans have to sit back and wait. Will TI11 actually take place in Singapore? Is it a hint towards the next battle pass or a new hero instead? Or is the Dota 2 account hacked by SirActionSlacks?

Only time will tell...

In the meantime, let's enjoy the ongoing ESL One Stockholm Major which is starting its Main Event (with a live crowd!) today.

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