Evil Geniuses is the first Dota 2 team to book its spot at The International 10 as it crosses the minimum DPC points required to qualify.

Evil Geniuses has become the first Dota 2 team to qualify for The International 10. The team has crossed the statistical threshold of Dota Pro Circuit points required to secure an invite to TI10.

A 2-0 victory over Undying secures EG The International spot

An image of Evil Geniuses members at the ONE esports Singapore Major.
Evil Geniuses is undefeated in the Dota Pro Circuit Season 2: North America Upper Division. The team took down Undying 2-0 in the last match. Image Credit: One esports.

Evil Geniuses took down the only other undefeated team in NA DPC, Team Undying 2-0 in yesterday’s match. With a 5-0 score in the Dota Pro Circuit Season2 North American Upper division, EG has secured itself a top-three placement. This means a minimum of 200 DPC points and thereby an invitation to the Dota 2 mega-event.

Evil Geniuses sits at 1150 points overall, including the minimum 200 guaranteed in DPC Season 2. This puts the team well above the 1056 points threshold for qualification to TI10. Evil Geniuses had earlier won 500 points for securing the first spot in DPC NA Season 1. 

The team won an additional 450 points for its performance at the ONE esports Singapore Major. Evil Geniuses finished second in the first Dota 2 Major of 2021. After taking an early lead against Invictus Gaming in the grand finals, EG could not match up to Zhou “Emo” Yi’s aggression in the mid-lane. The Invictus Gaming reverse sweep was a big blow to North American Dota 2 fans who were eagerly waiting for a Dota 2 Major victory.

Which teams look likely to qualify for TI?

The minimum number of DPC points required to qualify for The International is 1056. While EG has already crossed this number, many other teams are on the verge of securing the TI spot.

The Dota Pro Circuit 2021 points table. Numbers in green are active tournaments. Screengrab via Liquipedia.net.

The Singapore Major winner, Invictus Gaming is close behind at 1000 points. IG needs to finish in the top five in the current DPC season to qualify for The International. Evil Geniuses has confirmed its appearance at the International. But Virtus.Pro and Team Secret also look extremely likely to play at TI10. Virtus.Pro is still undefeated in the Eastern Europe region after defeating Team Spirit 2-0.

Valve announced the International 10 will take place from August 5-15 in Stockholm, Sweden. The tournament has a $40 million prize pool and is the largest esports prize pool in history. However, the game developer has not confirmed if this event will have a live audience. Meanwhile, Dota 2 fans can support their favorite teams in-game via the Supporter’s Club (team bundles). 

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