After a powerful run, Tundra Esports trampled down the current TI champions, Team Spirit in the Grand Finals of OGA Dota Pit S5.

Our bullet speed journey through the OGA Dota Pit S5: Europe/CIS concludes today with a powerful Grand finals run by Tundra Esports against Team Spirit. We all know how capable this team is, even against the strongest of powerhouses, but today, Tundra Esports are placed under a true test; and it is to defeat the current TI champions in a BO5.

The Western European team had lost a matchup against Team Spirit in the first round of the Playoffs, dropping them to the lower bracket. But after sprinting through, the squad successfully set a redemption match in the finals. And this time around, they came prepared.

However, the series began with a rocky start for Tundra Esports.

Spirit grabs a convincing win in the opening match

The grand finals opened with a minor pause affair, as Spirit happened to stumble upon some technical issues. Four of Spirit’s players even disconnected simultaneously, leaving Collapse who jokingly indicated a "1vs9" matchup. But the problem was soon solved and we were set back in action.

Even with the hiccup at the start, Team Spirit began its series with a strong dominance. TORONTOTOKYO’s Razor was a daunting nuisance to handle and coupled with Collapse’s Night Stalker, Tundra found itself struggling. Spirit played around the advantage of night times and managed to scout for valuable pick-offs across the map. It came to one final fight at the 28-minute mark which saw Tundra finally wave the white flag.

A costly mistake helped Tundra even the series

Tundra came into the second game with a better read on Spirit’s play. The CIS team had quite a decent start, but Tundra kept their net worth close. They also managed to get great pick-offs throughout the early phase. 

Spirit then played patiently, creating space for Yatoro’s Phantom Assassin who managed to rack up competent net worth. Spirit then attempted to take Roshan, but a careless mistake saw the pit unguarded by any sentry ward. An invisible Nyx Assassin sneaked its way into the pit and Tundra saw the perfect opening to punish Spirit in one explosive fight. 

Spirit couldn’t recuperate after the heavy fight loss and eventually surrendered the game.

Tundra brings out the spiderlings

Tundra rode the winning momentum as they completely outperformed their opponents on the third map. The two cores of Tundra sat comfortably on top of the net worth leaderboard, together with a wild 33's Broodmother. Tundra put forth strong control all over the map. The strong dominance proved miserable for Spirit, as even a single out-of-position player would face merciless punishment. 

Spirit struggled to find any openings to turn the tables and ultimately, Tundra finished the game with a 24-8 scoreline.

Tundra landed the final nail to Spirit’s coffin

Spirit still couldn’t find their footing in the fourth game, and Tundra, on the other hand, was having a walk in the park. Nine’s Queen of Pain delivered a spectacular performance, shutting down the midlane and amounting pressure to Spirit. Riding the momentum, Tundra marched around both territories. In most teamfights, Tundra sustained the roots and Ravages thrown. And even when there were moments of light for Spirit, Tundra was able to quickly retreat and threw Spirit off the advantage. 

The game dragged for 42 minutes, but Tundra was consistently miles ahead. Spirit shed their blood, sweat, and tears to defend their throne but in the end, it wasn’t enough, as Tundra claimed their final victory at the OGA Dota PIT Season 5.

Here is the full Playoffs bracket for OGA Dota Pit S5 EU/CIS:

OGA Dota Pit S5 Playoffs Bracket
OGA Dota Pit S5 Playoffs Bracket

The notable victory by Tundra Esports is well-deserved as they have delivered spectacular coordination and powerful performances throughout the tournament. This grand finals series also marked Spirit’s first loss after TI10, as they are still undefeated in the Eastern European DPC.

More action from both teams will be seen in respective Regional Leagues, so stay tuned to if you want more Dota 2 news and updates!