Peruvian Dota 2 player, Aretes, made some racially insensitive comments in a Dota 2 public matchmaking. It was not a wise decision.

Latam Defenders has suspended its Dota 2 player, Aretes, for using racial slurs against a Black N Yellow player in a pub match. 

The South American esports organization has taken swift action against Aretes. The Peruvian player is banned from competing for the remainder of the BTS Pro Series Season 5: Americas. He will also not receive any of his team’s prize money for the event.

Latam Defenders Suspends Player

Dota 2 talent, Andrew ‘ZyoriTV’ Campbell tweeted screenshots of the usage of racist language by the player. The comments were aimed at  Andrew "Jubei" Evelyn of Team Black N Yellow. 

Other prominent community figures also spoke up against the players’ actions. 

BeyondTheSummit Ban Aretes

BeyondTheSummit went a step ahead and banned the Latam Defenders player. The organizer also imposed further penalties and punishments on the player. They did, however, allow the team to use a stand-in for the rest of the tournament. 

The player will also not receive any of his team’s prize earnings for the event. The community had praise for Latam Defenders for their swift decision. Racism of any kind does not have a place in gaming. Professional players are often the role models for young impressionable minds and such acts should not go unnoticed. 

Latam Defenders played with former Team Unknown’s player, Junior Reyes "Yadomi" Rimari as a stand-in in the tied series against PentAce. The Defenders are currently placed second in the group stage of the BTS Pro Series Season 5: Americas behind PentAce. The top two teams from each group advance to the upper bracket of the playoffs. 

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