Here are the complete results of the Winter Tour DPC Regional Leagues from all divisions and regions.

The Regional Leagues have finally concluded for this season’s Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) and we step closer towards the peak of the season. The leagues which had kick-started in November 2021 brought a handful of matches across the globe, and we witnessed many upsets as well as new crowned regional top-dogs.

Here are the complete results of the Regional Leagues of 2021-2022 Winter Tour DPC.

North America

Division I

The NA region has been stale for years with only Evil Geniuses consistently achieving the top spot. The region had not shown intense competition for a long while, but that has gradually changed. Independent team, Quincy Crew, has always been a strong contender in the region but they were long under the shadows of EG. This year, they finally overcame that hurdle and grabbed the 1st spot in NA. Following QC, another TI team, Undying (now TSM FTX) earns the 2nd spot. The long-time kings of NA, EG now sits at 3rd place after multiple upsets.

Qualified to Regional Finals: Quincy Crew, Undying, Evil Geniuses, 4 Zoomers
Relegated to Division II: Arkosh Gaming, Black N Yellow

Division I NA DPC – Winter Tour Result

Division II

Meanwhile, in Division II, The Cut stays on top with an undefeated streak, while Team DogChamp follows at 2nd place. Team Magnus and Electronic Boys are eliminated from the DPC.

Promoted to Division I: The Cut, Team DogChamp
Eliminated: Team Magnus, Electronic Boys

Division II NA DPC – Winter Tour Result

South America

Division I

South America sees familiar names on top, but also at the bottom. Thunder Predator swept through the league with an undefeated streak to claim the 1st spot. Many would have predicted TI team, beastcoast to achieve a top placing, however, it lost 3 series, dropping the team at 3rd spot just behind Infamous. SA will also see TI and Major attendees, NoPing e-sports, and SG esports exit the upper-division following a disappointing run.

Qualified to Regional Finals: Thunder Predator, Infamous, beastcoast
Relegated to Division II: NoPing e-sports, SG esports

Division I SA DPC – Winter Tour Result

Division II

From Division II, Infinity swept the league with a 7-0 win streak. Together with Balrogs, the 2nd placer, they will be promoted to Division I. While Unknown Team and Inverse are out of the DPC.

Promoted to Division I: Infinity, Balrogs
Eliminated: Unknown Team, Inverse

Division II SA DPC – Winter Tour Result

Western Europe

Division I

The WEU region looks a little chaotic but one thing is sure, the previous roster shuffle HIT HARD. Team Liquid’s star-studded lineup indeed shines bright as WEU’s top seed this season. But the rest of the standings are likely off from anyone’s prediction. New stack, Team Tickles rose in the league, snatching impressive wins to earn the 2nd spot.

Tundra had many strong victories across third-party tournaments and they put on exceptional performance in the league (especially the tiebreakers), placing 3rd. Fresh faces on OG followed at 4th place and interestingly, this would be the first time OG qualifies to a Valve Major since 2019.

Iconic names; Team Secret and Nigma Galaxy didn’t have a good season and Alliance will, unfortunately, face relegation to the lower division. 

Qualified to Regional Finals: Team Liquid, Team Tickles, Tundra Esports, OG
Relegated to Division II: Alliance, Coolguys

Division I WEU DPC – Winter Tour Result

Division II

From Division II, we saw a close score among the top-three finishers, Entity, Brame, and Chicken Fighters. But the tiebreakers weren’t in favor of Chicken Fighters. Next season, WEU Division I will welcome the return of Brame, who was relegated the previous season, and Entity. Ghost Frogs is now eliminated after a tiebreaker series against Into The Breach. No Bounty Hunter was removed from the DPC after forfeiting two series.

Promoted to Division I: Entity, Brame
Eliminated: Ghost Frogs, No Bounty Hunter

Division II WEU DPC – Winter Tour Result

Eastern Europe

Division I

The CIS region had interesting results but let’s first address the elephant in the room – Team Spirit’s undefeated run. With a TI champion status plastered fresh on the team, they delivered up to their reputation, scoring a win streak and placing 1st. PuckChamp rose as a strong contender, performing exceptionally well to place 2nd. The new Virtus.Pro lineup struggled a little in the league, but managed to clinch the 3rd place after a revenge tiebreaker against HellRaisers. 

AS Monaco Gambit and Team Empire couldn’t quite find their footing, and as a result, they would exit Division I. 

Qualified to Regional Finals: Team Spirit, PuckChamp, Virtus.Pro, HellRaisers
Relegated to Division II: AS Monaco Gambit, Team Empire

Division II EEU DPC – Winter Tour Result

Division II

The EEU Division II isn’t any surprise as the star-studded lineup of CIS Rejects takes the top spot. But their triumph wasn’t uncontested. EEU Division 2 had a four-way tiebreaker to decide the top 4 placings, between CIS Rejects, Winstrike Team, HYDRA, and V-Gaming. The winners of the tiebreakers were CIS Rejects and Winstrike Team – both will be in the next season’s Division I. B8, however, had a poor performance throughout the season, finishing at last place with 0 wins. Together with Fantastic Five, B8 will exit the DPC.

Promoted to Division I: CIS Rejects, Winstrike Team
Eliminated: Fantastic Five, B8

Division II EEU DPC – Winter Tour Result


Division I

The heavily competitive Chinese scene sees none other than PSG.LGD reigning supreme, bringing another undefeated performance in the DPC. Former CN kings, Team Aster now sit at 2nd place after winning a revenge tiebreaker against Royal Never Give Up. A surprising turn this season is definitely Invictus Gaming’s shocking relegation after a poor run.

Qualified to Regional Finals: PSG.LGD, Team Aster, Royal Never Give Up, EHOME
Relegated to Division II: Invictus Gaming, Phoenix Gaming

Division I CN DPC – Winter Tour Result

Division II

China’s Division II familiar names on top, with Xtreme Gaming – a strong stack with names like Zhang “Paparazi灬” Chengjun and Ding “Dy” Cong securing the first spot. Team Magma follows in 2nd place and will both be promoted to the upper-division. Another known org, however, places bottom. CDEC Gaming is out of the DPC. With Neptune Gaming, CDEC will exit Division II.

Promoted to Division I: Xtreme Gaming, Team Magma
Eliminated: CDEC Gaming, Neptune Gaming

Division II CN DPC – Winter Tour Result

Southeast Asia

Division I

The SEA region sees a little switch up from the norm. Local Dota powerhouse, BOOM Esports secured the top seed after a spectacular performance in the DPC. An interesting fact is that BOOM was supposed to play in Division II (due to previous season’s relegation), but after one of the Div I teams was disqualified, BOOM was given the slot. At 2nd place is TI-attendee Fnatic. They initially had a poor beginning but quickly got up on their feets to clinch the 2nd spot in an intense three-way tiebreaker against T1 and Team SMG. T1, was the undoubted favorites of the region, but they dropped a couple of matches to put them at 3rd place and SMG follows at 4th. 

An odd view is TNC Predator, once the strongest team of the region, sitting in the relegation zone. They haven’t had the best of performances after the roster rebuild and they will play from the lower division starting next season. Motivate.Trust Gaming, after an unlucky tiebreaker series against Execration, will also drop to Division II.

Qualified to Regional Finals: BOOM Esports, Fnatic, T1, Team SMG
Relegated to Division II: TNC Predator, Motivate.Trust Gaming

Division I SEA DPC – Winter Tour Result

Division II

While in Division II, Polaris Esports conquered the league, not dropping a single series. They are followed by NGX.SEA – who won an intense tiebreaker against Ragdoll. Star-studded lineup in Talon Esports had a rough time in the league – not able to book that coveted promotion, and will stay in Division II the next season. 496 Gaming, who was in Upper Division the previous season will now be relegated after a poor performance, together with Interactive Philippines – which failed to secure a single win.

Promoted to Division I: Polaris Esports, NGX.SEA
Eliminated: 496 Gaming, Interactive Philippines

Division II SEA DPC – Winter Tour Result

The Regional Finals will begin in February 2022. The schedule is as follows:

  • February 11 – 13 : WEU, SEA, SA
  • February 18 – 20 : CN, EEU, NA

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