Following two forfeits, DreamHack announced that No Bounty Hunter has been removed from Division II of WEU DPC.

There have been a few disqualification or removal cases from the DPC so far and today, we see No Bounty Hunter (NBH) on the list. The organizer of Western European (WEU) DPC, DreamHack announced that No Bounty Hunter has been removed from Division II for surpassing the DPC's forfeit limit. 

No Bounty Hunter is out of DPC following multiple forfeits

No Bounty Hunter has been in the lower division since the previous season and they entered the 2022's Winter Tour with a new lineup:

  • Daniel "kAAN" Heisu
  • Vitaliy "Yellow Flash" Shvaga
  • Ionut Radu "BliNcc" Musat
  • Sakis “dEsire” Kartsabas
  • Nikola “Nikolica” Mihajlovic

According to DreamHack, the team has been removed from the lower division following two forfeits in the league:

  • vs CHILLAX on 18 December 2021
  • vs Chicken Fighters on 8 January 2021

The team’s removal is due to DPC’s rules which don't allow for a team to forfeit more than two games. If they do so, they will immediately be removed from the DPC and all their opponents from previous and subsequent matches will earn a default win.

NBH struggles with schedule issues

It is a tough reality for players in the below tier 1 scene as sufficient income is basically unheard of, and the consequences of this had put NBH in a tough spot.

Previously, for the team’s match against CHILLAX, NBH clarified that they had to forfeit due to a conflict of schedule.

One of their players, dEsire is a professional football player and his training time clashed with the match schedule. The team had attempted to solve the issue before the matchup by informing admins but to no avail.

For the second forfeit, there haven’t been any explanations by NBH, but we can safely assume that it is due to the same reason.

This is, of course, not the first case of disqualification or removal from the DPC Regional Leagues. The most recent case is from Southeast Asia’s Division I where Omega Esports was caught match-fixing and therefore banned (the ban on the organization has now been lifted). Other cases also include Wind and Rain and Pecado Gaming from North America.

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