In an important tiebreaker match, MTG encounters a Dota bug that forces them to play 4 vs 5, ultimately losing the BO1 and facing relegation.

It is a tough day for the members of Motivate.Trust Gaming (MTG) as they fall victim to a Dota 2 bug in today's Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) match. A BO1 tiebreaker series took place in SEA DPC between MTG and Execration with relegation on the line. Unfortunately, a long-time Dota 2 bug hit a player of MG.Trust in the middle of the game which didn't let him reconnect to the game. The series proceeded 4 vs 5 ultimately falling in favor of Execration and dropping MG.Trust to the lower division.

MTG faces relegation due to a game-ruining bug

The battle to avoid relegation in SEA DPC happened between OB.Neon, MTG, and Execration today. While OB.Neon had successfully retained their upper-division slot after a win against Execration, MTG was next in line. The important match was a BO1 and who loses would drop to Division II - but who would've thought such an important match would witness a game-ruining bug?

Five minutes into the game, MTG's pos 4 Worawit "Q" Mekchai disconnected. The team communicated through all-chat to inform that Q can't reconnect to the game because there was no reconnect button.

MTG's offlaner, Natthaphon "Masa" Ouanphakdee tried to negotiate a remake, but it seemed like Execration didn't accept the offer.

After a moment, they eventually continued the game 4 vs 5. Despite the handicap, MTG still tried to play the match but ultimately dropped to Execration at the 30-minute mark.

The aftermath

It is clear that the organizers were only following the rules, although Beyond the Summit hasn't posted anything official as of now. But it's still definitely unfair for both players and fans of MTG. Spectators are questioning the rules and talents are disappointed with the bug.

John "johnxfire" Nathan Fernandez, who casted for the match revealed what took place. He clarified that it was an instant-leave bug and not the 'accidental abandon' bug that is also common in Dota 2.

Alex "Sheepsticked" Roberts who was on the panel for the match posted her frustrations regarding the in-game bug.

MTG's midlaner, Poomipat "Fearless" Trisiripanit also expressed his gloom after the heart-breaking loss.

However, it seems like there is no avoiding the relegation for Motivate.Trust Gaming. Here is the result of the tiebreakers of SEA DPC:

SEA DPC Tiebreakers result
SEA DPC Tiebreakers result

In the end, all eyes fall on the long-time unfixed bug in Dota 2, which has now crawled into the matches of the DPC.

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