Patch 7.31 has changed many of the heroes we know and love drastically. Here are our top 5 that you should give a whirl!

The best part of every new patch is without a doubt the experimentation stage. It's the blissful period where the community is so busy testing things out that no one's going to really care what you try (hopefully). And WOW is there a lot to try, with all the changes in the newest Dota 2 Patch 7.31.

It can get a little overwhelming, I know! That's why we're here to give you a primer on which heroes have the best tools to play with. Without further ado - here's our take on the 5 MUST TRY heroes of the new update, Patch 7.31.

1) The Obvious Choice - Primal Beast

If you're lucky enough to land yourself a match where he isn't insta-picked or insta-banned - be sure to give him a go!

The antagonist of the revamped Aghanim's Labyrinth garnered a lot of praise over his refined model - and now we know why. While it's hard to imagine his abilities in a "regular Dota match" context, that's exactly what makes him interesting. He may not be the flashiest compared to some of the other hero releases, but it appears there's more nuance to his kit than meets the eye.

2) Hungry for Chaos - Techies

Yet another headliner of the new Patch 7.31 is none other than Techies Demolitions. Now this one may be a bit more expected, seeing as the trio's rework was even teased just a couple of days ago. And what an overhaul of the hero it is!

It remains to be seen whether Techies will still retain the title of the most hated hero in all of Dota 2. One thing's for sure though - they are a whole different beast with this new kit. In particular, he looks a lot more like a "battling" nuker than before. A lot less waiting, and a lot more explosions - what's not to love?

3) Cooldowns? Never Heard of Em' - Dazzle

The Shadow Priest received huge changes - and seems more like a core hero than ever before. The updates to his abilities, including a second "new" ultimate all reaffirm this direction. Now equipped with both Good and Bad Juju, Dazzle looks poised to be an absolute menace.

Dazzle's Full list of Changes in Patch 7.31
Dazzle's Full list of Changes in Patch 7.31

Apart from lower cooldowns and costs on both Poison Touch and Shadow Wave, Shallow Grave's got a nice Heal Amp as well. Those are just the primers though, let's get to the good stuff. Dazzle's Main Ultimate is still Bad Juju, which grants/reduces armor for each of his spells that they are hit by. It now can also be activated to damage all enemies and heal all allies too. If that wasn't enough, Good Juju reduces all of Dazzle's cooldowns by a set amount every time he casts a spell. Now the cherry on top is when he gets his Aghanim's Scepter.

With Agh's - you won't believe this, Dazzle's Items get a FLAT 50% Cooldown Reduction. Dagon every 7 seconds? Hex every 10 seconds? The possibilities are endless. As if that all wasn't enough, the Good Juju active can reset your or an ally's item cooldowns entirely. That's value baby.

All-in-all, especially with the new Witch Blade upgrade, Dazzle definitely a hero to take for a spin.

4) Feeling Bubbly? - Brewmaster

Before you tell me you don't play micro-heroes - HEAR ME OUT! This new update to everyone's favorite panda makes him less reliant on his Primal Split, so worry not.

The Brewmaster of Patch 7.31 Is A Bit More Of A Martial Artist
The Brewmaster of Patch 7.31 Is A Bit More Of A Martial Artist

Drunken Brawler has always been pretty lackluster. Sure you get a crit and some evasion, but it's nothing that really makes a huge difference. Not as much as the old Drunken Haze, anyways. Patch 7.31 has flipped the skill on it's head - with a complete rework of the ability.

Now, Brew gains 3 stances, correlating with his three primal spirits - Fire, Earth and Storm. These stances act in the same way as Power Treads, meaning that you can toggle them freely. Each element presents a different set of bonuses.

  • Fire - Critical Strike Chance
  • Storm - Evasion and Movespeed
  • Earth - Armour and Magic Resist

While the base numbers are alright, they get tripled when Brew is splashed with his own Cinder Brew. Cinder Brew's negative effects don't affect Brewmaster of course. How can you call yourself a master if you drop from your own concoctions?

Lastly, Agh's Shard grants one final stance - Void. This gives Brew 20% Status Resist and a 20% slow on attack. This may just herald the rise of right-click Brewmaster once and for all! Regardless of how it pans out, I think we can all raise a cup to these new changes.

5) Holy Vengeance - Omniknight

One of the least popular heroes of 7.30 may have just gotten his time to shine thanks to Patch 7.31. Purist Thunderwrath has had enough of being ignored and has taken matters, and a shining hammer into his own hands. It's pretty crazy how much a hero can change just by swapping their shard and regular abilities - and Omni is a perfect example.

Omni's Full List of Changes in Patch 7.31
Omni's Full List of Changes in Patch 7.31

First and foremost, Hammer of Purity has replaced Degen Aura as a basic ability. "Oh no!" cry the Omni Carry enjoyers, "How will we run down the peons now?". Well that's not going to be a concern with how annoying Hammer of Purity will be. A PURE damage nuke that scales with your base damage, that also slows? What a blessing. On top of that, it's no longer an attack modifier, it's a ranged ability. You'll be chucking your hammer out just like Thor.

Heavenly Grace also got a lil touch up - no longer granting Status Resist, but now granting Strength and HP Regen per dispelled debuff. With the new Level 10 Talent, you can basically have a permanent uptime on both you and an ally of your choice.

The time is now for Omniknight Carry Enjoyers to rise up, grab our hammers - and lay waste to those unholy wenches.

Best heroes of 7.31: Experiment Away!

While that's a preliminary list of some of the most drastically changed best heroes you have to try - that's not all! The patch has tuned up many finer details across most of the hero roster. While the other changes may not seem as big in magnitude - even small number tweaks can change a hero's viability entirely.

These were some of the best heroes in the 7.31 Dota 2 patch. Don't be afraid to go crazy and try new things, there's no better time than now!