Here’s all you need to know about the new Techies in Dota 2 Patch 7.31.

The new Patch 7.31 has arrived and as previously hinted by Dota 2, they brought some heavy reworks onto the notorious hero, Techies. The obnoxious trio of Squeen, Spleen, and Spoon are probably the most hated or the most loved among some players - there are no in-betweens. But with this rework, Techies might finally blend in and become a normal Dota 2 hero.

Techies now have 2 replaced abilities, 1 ability reworked, and 1 ability transformed to his ultimate. Let's check out the new Techies in more detail.

Patch 7.31 brings a makeover to Techies' abilities

Techies have been pretty much the same all these years, but this time around the giggly trio decided to go for an upgrade of tools.

After losing multiple contracts to potential teammates with better 'fit,' the contentious crew of Techies Demolitions have updated the tools in their blast box to better find business in trying times.

Here are the fresh and new abilities of Techies in Patch 7.31.

Sticky Bomb - Techies' NEW ABILITY

Techies' first ability is now the Sticky Bomb. Players can throw a bomb cart onto a target area and if it hits any enemy nearby, it will stick to the enemy and lower their movement speed. After 2 seconds, the bomb explodes and deal AoE damage.

Techies Sticky Bomb
Techies Sticky Bomb

This ability can help catch enemies when they're hiding or running away.

Reactive Tazer - Techies' NEW ABILITY

By pressing this ability, Techies arms himself with an electric charge. This charge gives him a movement speed bonus for a short period. Any enemies attacking him would be disarmed for 3 seconds. When the effect duration ends, the electrical charge explodes and disarms enemies around the hero's radius.

Techies Reactive Tazer
Techies Reactive Tazer

This ability works well against the conventional carry or Agility heroes and can greatly put them at a disadvantage. It also functions as a shield to protect Techies themselves.

With Aghanim's Scepter, this ability receives an upgrade. Techies can now give allies the Reactive Tazer and enemies that are affected by the detonation receives massive damage.

Blast Off - REWORKED

The classic Blast Off is not replaced in Patch 7.31, however, there is a significant change to the ability. Blast Off remains the same - Techies jumps to a targeted enemy and deals massive damage as well as silencing the enemy. The big change is Blast Off's damage now is non-lethal and deals damage equal to the hero's max health. This means Techies can NO longer suicide.

Techies Blast Off
Techies Blast Off

This change does make sense because the suicide mechanic in Dota 2 has enormously been reduced for a long time.

With Aghanim's Shard, the Blast Off ability receives an upgrade, increasing cast range and applying a stun.

Proximity Mines - MOVED TO ULTIMATE

Techies' Proximity Mines remain similar in Patch 7.31, but instead of being a normal ability, it is now the ultimate. The bomb can't be revealed with True Sight but it will be revealed when enemies come near. If enemies stand near the mines for 1 second, it will detonate and deal damage as well as Magic Resistance reduction. The damage depends on how near the enemy is to the mines, the nearer they are, the higher the damage. The mines also deal 30% damage to buildings.

Techies Proximity Mines
Techies Proximity Mines

The Proximity Mines have 0 cooldown, however it only has 3 charges. The charge restore time is 19/17/15.

Techies' Talent Tree

Techies Talent Tree Patch 7.31
Techies Talent Tree Patch 7.31

The new Techies also sees a bunch of new talents on his Talent Tree.

That is all for Techies' rework in Patch 7.31! Will this notorious hero finally be a normal sight in pubs or even pro matches? Only time will tell.

There are more enormous changes to Dota 2 in Patch 7.31, so check out the full patch notes here.

Stay tuned to for more Dota 2 news and updates!

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