You have a trio of new items to try in Dota 2 patch 7.31! 

With the release of Dota 2 patch 7.31, Valve has blessed us with a trio of brand new items. These items (all activatable, of course) are all late game tools that drastically boost the potential of their users.

Below we’ve listed this terrible trio and some of their key features. We’ve also detailed a bit about their expected usage.

Revenant’s Brooch

This piece of jewellery builds out of Witch Blade and Mystic Staff, and grants a huge +45 intelligence, 40 Attack Speed, eight Armor, and 300 Projectile Speed. The active gives your next five attacks true strike and makes them deal magical damage. They can also attack Ethereal units.

The passive gives you a free Orb of Venom, except it's twice as good, with double the slow and 2s more duration.

A luxury item for magical damage dealers. The poison and slow makes seem more like a laning tool, but it's great for chasedown and securing kills.

Wraith Pact

Building out of Vlad’s and Point Booster, This is a Health and Mana item, offering +250 of both. The passive gives you more lifesteal, bonus damage, and 1.75 mana regen and 3 armor to allies within 1200.

The active creates a little bat totem that reduces all enemies' attack and spell damage. This is essentially a one-minute panic button for whoever builds this to put down in a team fight or when they’re court. 

Wraith Pact's totem can slow down even the strongest enemy engages (Screenshot by Esports)
Wraith Pact's totem can slow down even the strongest enemy engages (Screenshot by Esports)

This would be a fantastic item for offlaners, giving them another button to press before they die initiating into the entire enemy team. 

Boots of Bearing

An upgrade of Tranquil Boots and Drum of Endurance, these boots give you a nice little speed boost when you engage. Besides the eight strength, eight intelligence, and HP regen, you get eight active charges, which recharge every three minutes.

Casting the active gives you +50 attacks speed and 15% movement speed to all allies within 1200 radius for six seconds. Also prevents allies from being slowed for the first 2 seconds of that duration.

This is a “start the fight” button to be sure. You get the Drum of Endurance passive as well, so it's generally just a way to get your team into the fight as fast as possible.

Overall Revenant Brooch seems like a way for magic damage dealers to chase down opponents and finish kills. The other two items are team fight utility with some handy stats to boot. Wraith Pact and Boots of Bearing both have the potential to be really exciting in competitive, and we can’t wait to see all the 7.31 patch items used.

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