Dev1ce’s NiP debut did not go as planned. Server issues and packet loss meant Ninjas in Pyjamas lost 1-2 to Polish squad, Anonymo.

Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz made his NiP debut in Flashpoint Season 3. However, the match did not go as planned as NiP suffered an embarrassing loss to Anonymo. 

NiP announced the addition of Dev1ce to its CS:GO lineup amidst much fanfare. The former Astralis player is already living in Sweden and playing for a Swedish CS:GO roster made a lot of sense. As a true professional, Dev1ce spent hundreds of hours understanding and learning the NiP communications and playstyle. He was ready to shine for his NiP debut against Polish squad Anonymo. But unfortunate events and some questionable admin decisions meant NiP had to play with large amounts of packet loss. Anonymo defeated NiP 2-1 in their opening Flashpoint season  match.

Players blame admin decision for poor result

NiP has also released a public statement against the Flashpoint staff decisions. Image Credit: <a href="">NiP</a>.
NiP has also released a public statement against the Flashpoint staff decisions. Image Credit: NiP.

The Ninjas in Pyjamas players experienced packet loss to the tune of 30-40% in the match against Anonymo. Meanwhile, the Polish squad did not have any problems with the server and could play in optimal conditions. The players tried using VPN and changing the Faceit servers to solve this issue, without any luck. Despite Anonymo open to any solutions to help solve the issue, Faceit admins forced NiP to complete the match, says NiP’s statement.

The ignorance, stubbornness and lack of solutions coming from the Flashpoint staff was simply not to standard with what is expected from a Major qualifier event. 

Ninjas in Pyjamas.

The Ninjas players took to social media expressing their disappointment with the admin decisions.

Fredrik "REZ" Sterner’s frustration with the game was evident with his statement on Twitter. According to him, the players could not even use grenades due to the packet loss.

The Ninjas in Pyjamas owner and CEO, Hicham Chahine, feels the admins should have stopped the series after Map 1. There has been precedence in previous Valve tournaments to play the maps at a later date.

While Dev1ce's NiP debut did not go as planned, the team is still playing in the RMR event. Ninjas in Pyjamas will face Hyenas in the lower bracket match. The Flashpoint Season 3 is a Regional Major Ranking event and is an opportunity for teams to qualify for the PGL Stockholm Major 2021. 

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