Every CSGO player is always looking to add that little bit extra to their game to rank up. Be it Matchmaking or FaceIT, the search for this extra bit is universal. Here are the various spray patterns of CSGO weapons that will help players get to the next rank and have a better understanding of the game.

Every gun in CS:GO has a unique spray pattern. Learning and mastering these spray patterns will allow users to maximize their damage output in a single magazine. There won’t be any embarrassing ‘empty the magazine but miss the target’ moments any longer if you understand how to spray your weapon in CS:GO.

What is recoil ?

Every CS: GO weapon has a recoil. The weapon pushes back after firing affecting your crosshair placement, similar to real life. But players can learn the recoil patterns in CS: GO and compensate accordingly. Spray patterns are basically compensation techniques for a gun's recoil.

What are the spray patterns for CS:GO weapons?

AK - 47








AUG (Scoped)


This article will help you understand the various spray patterns of the most popular weapons in CS:GO. Spraying is an effective shooting technique, especially at close range. But CS:GO players should understand the various patterns to optimize their performance in-game.

Understanding and practicing these patterns will definitely add the extra firepower to your gameplay. CSGO players looking to level up their game can also practice their sprays on this workshop map. In this map, players will find themselves inside a room with a wall to practice their aim. This is an ideal situation to practice various spray patterns and see the effect it has on your aim and accuracy.

Spraying in CS: GO is a very useful playstyle at close ranges but is not recommended at longer range. The close range sprays often allow CS: GO players to deal with multiple enemies at once if they can transfer the spray accurately.

Users can also hope on to a custom game to practice their spray patterns. Type in “sv_showimpacts 1” into the console to display bullet tracers.

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