CS_summit 8 announced as first North American RMR series cover image

CS_summit 8 announced as first North American RMR series


CS_Summit 8 is the first North American CSGO RMR Event.

BTS’ cs_summit 8 will be the first North American RMR series, the tournament organizer has revealed. The event will run through the end of May although open qualifiers kick off on May 1. 
Beyond The Summit will host the first Regional Major Ranking event for North America. It is the first Regional Major Ranking event for North America ahead of the PGL CS:GO Major. 2021 will have one CSGO Major, although it promises to be an exciting one with a two million dollar prize pool.

Cs_summit 8 is NA’s first RMR event ahead of Stockholm Major

As we head closer to the PGL Major, Valve has now revealed that BTS will host the first RMR event for North America. The cs_summit 8 will feature the best North American teams in action. The top teams will receive valuable RMR points which contribute to their chances of qualifying to the Major. 
While the main event takes place from May 14-30, the open qualifiers kick off on May 1. CS_summit tournaments usually have a laidback vibe and it will be interesting to see if Beyond The Summit continues with the same environment for this RMR event. 
Earlier this year, Valve announced the PGL Stockholm Major as the only CS:GO major in 2021. The tournament has a $2 million prize pool and be the first CS:GO Major broadcast in 4K 60 fps. The PGL Stockholm Major will take place between October 23rd and November 7th at the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, Sweden. If all safety conditions to hold live competitive events are met, the event will also feature a live audience.

What are the Regional Major Ranking (RMR) series?

Valve introduced the Regional Major Ranking system as a points-based qualification system for the Rio Major. Teams earn valuable RMR points in the months leading up to the Major. The RMR events replace the old Minors and invite-based system. Teams competing in an RMR series will receive Major Ranking points based on their placement. Valve aims to have at least two more RMR events leading up to the Major.

PWL CSGO Season 1 - First Asian RMR event

Perfect World has announced the PWL CSGO Season 1, which will be the first RMR event for Asia. The tournament runs from April 14 to May 3 and will feature direct invites for four teams.
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