Anonymo accuses NiP of pressurizing Faceit to replay the controversial match cover image

Anonymo accuses NiP of pressurizing Faceit to replay the controversial match

Anonymo esports accuses NiP of pressurizing Faceit to replay the Flashpoint Season 3 match, despite Anonymo having already won the series. The community’s has been critical of Flashpoint’s decision.

Earlier today, Flashpoint took the controversial decision to replay a completed Flashpoint 3 match between NiP and Anonymo esports. In a reaction, Anonymo esports has now accused Faceit of being pressured by NiP on a business level.

NiP faced connection issues in Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz’s debut match against Anonymo esports during Flashpoint Season 3. Despite changing multiple servers, trying VPNs and exploring other solutions, NiP’s players continued to experience connection issues. NiP claimed the Flashpoint admin forced the teams to continue playing without exploring all possible solutions. Anonymo esports won the series 2-1 to continue in the upper bracket of the Flashpoint Season 3 tournament. But Flashpoint decided to replay the match after receiving a formal request from NiP the next day.

Anonymo comments on Flashpoint’s decision

On Saturday morning, NiP formally requested Flashpoint to replay either the entire series or just the last map. Despite Anonymo having won the series after the Flashpoint admins refused to explore other options, the Polish squad will now have to replay the match.

Anonymo esports released a statement after Flashpoint decided to allow the replay to go through.

<em>Anonymo’s reply to Flashpoint approving the match replay. Image Credit: </em><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow"><em>Anonymo esports</em></a><em>.</em>
Anonymo’s reply to Flashpoint approving the match replay. Image Credit: Anonymo esports.

The statement accuses NiP and Faceit of not doing the pre-game server checks and rushing into the decision to carry on with the game. Anonymo esports says it also offered to reschedule the game but the Ninjas did not choose to do so. 

We’ve played a match that got finished fair and square and liest in the past. It’s definitely too late to pursue a replay of the match. The whole division is unsubstantiated to begin with. The loss and internet problems were not apparent in the provided evidence. We’ve heard about the possible date of ‘replay’ of the match less than 24 hours before the start of doing it (and during our semi-final match for the ESL Polish Championships). There’s not enough time to properly respond, let alone prepare for the match. We are being forced to play BO1 (last map) today or the full BO3 on Tuesday (18.05). It’s just ridiculous. 

The emotional statement highlights the players’ thoughts about this whole situation. 

Anonymo accuses NiP of pressurizing Flashpoint for a rematch

In the same statement, Anonymo esports accuses NiP of pressurizing Faceit on a business level. 

We are under the impression that FACEIT is being pressured by NiP on a business level. [...] Something like that would not happen in any other sport and esports tournament. We wanted to do everything in the competitive spirit of fair play. NiP does not seem to care about that at all.

Anonymo esports accuses NiP of pressurizing FaceIt in a statement

Flashpoint had originally scheduled the rematch to take place just half an hour after the official announcement. The extremely short notice received massive criticism from the community forcing Flashpoint to reschedule the match to a later date. The tournament organizer has not announced the new date and time at the time of writing.

Flashpoint has come under heavy criticism for its handling of the situation. Firstly, the admins refused to replay the match forcing teams to go live according to NiP's own statement. Despite receiving criticism for going ahead with the match Flashpoint would continue to court more controversy. The tournament organizer allowed NiP to make a formal replay request and thereafter decided to replay the match. The Ninjas in Pyjamas 'offered' Anonymo esports the option of replaying the entire match or just the third map of the series. Forcing a team that won the series fair and squad to replay the entire match (or the last map) seems to be a rough deal for the Polish squad.

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