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Flashpoint decides to replay NiP-Anonymo esports match

Anonymo esports had defeated NiP 2-1 in the Flashpoint Season 3 match. But after an official request, Flashpoint has decided to replay the match. NiP has ‘offered’ Anonymo esports the option of replaying the entire best of three series or just the third map.

Flashpoint has released an official statement about the controversial match between NiP and Anonymo esports. Flashpoint said the match would be replayed due to connection issues for the Ninjas.

The match between NiP and Anonymo esports ended in a 2-1 victory for the Polish side. But the series saw multiple technical pauses due to the NiP players experiencing extensive packet loss. The players had to contend with nearly 30-40% packet loss making it impossible for them to play optimally.

Flashpoint’s statement says neither team raised a request to reschedule the match initially. Image Credit: <a href="https://twitter.com/Flashpoint/status/1393994557474279426">Flashpoint</a>.
Flashpoint’s statement says neither team raised a request to reschedule the match initially. Image Credit: Flashpoint.

Despite facing packet loss to the tune of 30-40% the Ninjas did not raise a request for a reschedule until well after the series was over. In fact, Flashpoint says, NiP raised a request to replay either the third map or the entire series only on Saturday Morning. NiP claimed the lag issues comprised the integrity of the competition and outcome of the game. NiP also provided proof of the lag issues to the tournament organizer.

Image Credit; <a href="https://twitter.com/Flashpoint/status/1393994557474279426">Flashpoint</a>.
Image Credit; Flashpoint.

Flashpoint’s League Ops and Server Operations team examined the documentation and identified the issue for NiP’s packet loss. “The issue seemed to be related with some security settings on the server that partially blocked traffic from the NiP connection/ISP therefore confirmed it was not something they could control and solve.”

The tournament organizer had provided Anonymo with just a few hours of notice for the official rematch. After community backlash, Flashpoint further released an update postponing the match later. Flashpoint is yet to announce the new updated match timings.

Flashpoint postpones NiP - Anonymo esports match 

After careful consideration of the nature of the issue, the validity of claim and importance of match, the League Ops team has decided to accept NiP’s request to replay the match which was communicated to both teams later on 15 May. The match is scheduled for Sunday 16 May at 21:00 CEST. NiP offered Anonymo to choose between playing the full BO3 or only the last map. 

The decision to replay the match came as a surprise. The tournament organizer’s admins had previously forced NiP to play and refused additional solutions, said NiP earlier. Despite Anonmyo esports’ players being open to any solution, the Flashpoint admins forced both teams to continue with the match as scheduled. NiP’s players faced high packet loss, and were unable to play at their best and lost the series.

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