Alliance completed a historic comeback as they secured their place at LAN in Sweden. They dramatically earned a place in the top 10. Elsewhere, Team Empire won the title and will head to Sweden as EMEA Pro League champions.

Alliance completed a historic comeback as they secured their place at LAN in Sweden. They were on the brink of missing out, and had to earn maximum points from the last two gamedays to make the Top 10.

Team Empire posted their third win in a row, and are the Pro League Split 2 champions.

Elsewhere, Kungarna, SoloQGoats and Mutariuum missed out and will be disappointed in their performance.

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Alliance complete mission impossible

Alliance won their second lobby in a row, completing the great escape. Their ascension into the top 10 is one of the greatest comebacks in Apex Legends history.

The impetus for the Alliance comeback came from their change in legend composition. They moved to Valkyrie, Gibraltar and Caustic on both maps. This seems to have paid dividends. Credit has to go to the Alliance squad for innovating, Caustic on Storm Point is not something that any other team has been using.

Alliance used Caustic on Storm Point

Alliance knew that they needed to win their group to guarantee their spot in the top 10, anything less and they would’ve been gambling on other teams underperforming in the last day. With teams like 69iQ and Kungarna putting down strong performances they needed this victory.

They earned their victory by sheer consistency, they earned over 70 points, the majority from placement. They made the top 2 in 4 of the 6 games, netting them a lot of placement points.

Alliance Hakis: “I feel absolutely exhausted”

Alliance Hakis told the ALGS broadcast that their slow start was due to them not quite understanding how to deal with their rival teams on Storm Point.

Alliance Hakis

Hakis went on to explain that they opted for Caustic to be ultra defensive. Many teams on Storm Point are running Bangalore and being extremely aggressive. By using Caustic, they can play super safe and avoid those aggressive teams. This has helped them massively improve their placements.

Alliance will be excited for LAN in their home country, could they take the comeback one step further and take the title at LAN?

Team Empire win Pro League

The overall Pro League title was taken my Team Empire, formerly known as Major Pushers. The trio have attracted a lot of attention for their legend selection. Using Maggie on Worlds Edge and not using Gibraltar on Storm Point.

All Russian team had to relocate to compete

Amazingly, the trio came incredibly close to not even competing in Pro League. All 3 members of Team Empire are Russian. When the ALGS banned Russia and Belarus as eligible countries they had to relocate at very short notice. This makes their stunning performance even more impressive.

Back to back to back wins for Team Empire

They consistently applied controlled aggression every day, and are the deserving champions. They ended the Pro League in absolute style, winning 3 lobbies in a row. This consistency against every single group helped them surge up the leaderboard into first.

Alliance secured 6th place in the Split 1 playoffs, which was a surprise. They opted to use Bangalore in the second half of the 10 games, and this helped them sneak up the leaderboard unnoticed, while everyone focused on Alliance, Gambit and NEW Esports.

However, it is safe to say that this is somewhat of an underdog win, and they will be over the moon with their consistency this split.

Team Empire head to Sweden LAN as the top seed from EMEA., They have also secured $30,000 in prize money. This is by far their biggest payout in their Apex careers.

Will Team Empire stick with Maggie at LAN?

The final top 10

Alliance all the way up to 7th, Scarz hold on

  • Team Empire – 114
  • Players – 99
  • K1CK – 96
  • GMT Esports – 92
  • ACEND – 90
  • Reply Totem – 89
  • Alliance – 88
  • iG International – 88
  • SCARZ – 86
  • 69iQ eSports – 85

SCARZ and iG had a below-par final day. Both teams were left biting their nails and refreshing the leaderboard at the end of their games.

Kungarna, Zeta just miss out

Kungarna couldn’t quite reach the top 10. They made a valiant effort, taking 3rd on the day. However, the strong performance by 69iQ and Alliance kept them out of the top 10.

It was also a disappointing final day for Vexed Gaming, they started the day in 10th but crumbled under the pressure, they finished 18th in their lobby and finished 16th in the overall standings.

For the full standings in EMEA, check Battlefy.

One month until Apex Legends LAN

There is now just over one month until Apex Legends is back on LAN.

The Apex action does not stop though. In two weeks time is the first LCQ for the season ending Apex Championship LAN. The bottom 8 teams from the Pro League will take on the Top 22 teams from the Challenger Circuit.

There will also be eyes on Ukraine. Both GMT Esports and Players have a player currently in Ukraine. The ongoing War in Ukraine means that both of those players cannot currently leave the country. This could mean that they cannot attend LAN in Sweden. Could ALGS allow those players to play remotely?

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