K1CK were the big winners of Day 4 of the EMEA Pro League. They are set to qualify for the LAN in Sweden.

K1CK mastered the art of fighting on their way to an impressive victory in the EMEA Pro League. The hyper-aggressive trio have cemented their place in the top 10, leaping to 2nd. However, it was another difficult day for Rebel and Alliance. Both sides are set to miss out on Sweden unless they can find a turnaround.

The top 10 teams from the EMEA region will qualify for the Playoffs, which is set to be held in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Hyper-aggressive K1CK dominate

There have been several excellent aggressive performances across this EMEA Pro League, however K1CK truly are the masters of hyper aggression. Their style can sometimes result in inconsistency. However today everything came together.

K1CK said that the cancellation of the Split 1 playoff LAN really hurt their motivation. So, the prize of qualifying for Sweden seems to be really driving them on.

K1CK’s drive-by assassination

K1CK were virtually unstoppable, and everything worked. In Game 6 they obliterated the SoloQGoats.

K1CK averaged 7.5 kills per game, which is one of the highest of any teams in the EMEA Pro League this split. Their very strong performance today has moved them up to 2nd in the overall rankings and they are very likely to qualify for a LAN spot in Sweden.

K1CK making it work without Gibraltar

Interesting, K1CK are one of the EMEA teams that have moved away from Gibraltar. Gibraltar is one of the most popular legends in Competitive. When Storm Point was introduced, people felt that the open nature of the endzones would mean Gibraltar would be a must-pick. However, teams including K1CK have moved away from Gibraltar on Storm Point.

K1CK have not been using Gibraltar this split.

Instead, K1CK have followed in the lead of SoloQGoats and are using Bangalore – they are using her Smoke Grenades and Rolling Thunder to control large spaces. However, in the small final zones with often limited cover, K1CK do struggle slightly in closing out a victory. They didn’t win any of today’s 6 games, but their impressive kill totals more than made up for the slight loss of placement.

Alliance in serious danger of missing LAN

It was another struggle for Alliance. The team who got the most points overall in the Split 1 Playoffs cannot rediscover that form. They struggled to 17th in their lobby today.

Alliance had shown signs of improvement in yesterday’s action. That said, the improvement was short-lived.

Alliance at their best are unstoppable in the endgame, yet today they did not make it past 5th place in any single game. They even have the advantage of playing all 3 together from Alliance HQ. Notably, Alliance are another team that have been experimenting without Gibraltar; although they have not found as much success as K1CK.

Swedish Hakis and Vaifs could miss home-LAN

With both Vaifs and Hakis being Swedish, they will be incredibly heartbroken to miss out on Playoffs in Sweden. They could still qualify for the Championship LAN via the LCQ, but this will surely be in a different country.

With Alliance finishing 2nd in both the last split of Pro League and the Playoffs, this is a really dramatic turn of form. Can they find something extra, and turn it around at the last stage? Alliance are no strangers to a late comeback.

Empire use Mad Maggie to steal victory

Team Empire took victory in the second lobby. They are the only team in EMEA to use Mad Maggie, the latest addition to Apex. Deploying her on Worlds Edge has proved very effective for Team Empire.

Using Mad Maggie’s riot drill, they are able to remove angles and pierce Gibby bubbles. They are also benefiting from being the only team to use her, this adds an element of surprise. Like K1CK, they are playing very effective aggressive Apex on both maps.

Team Empire were formerly known as Major Pushers, and the use of Maggie’s Ultimate is helping them live up to their former name.

They are absolutely devastating rival teams. Their team chemistry and fighting has been on point, all 3 members of the team dropped 14 kills each. Rather than one player shouldering the burden, all 3 of the Empire team are fragging out.

They sit in 3rd overall and are performing above expectations.

The overall top 10

GMT Esports take the lead, SoloQGoats drop out the top 10

  • GMT Esports – 67
  • K1CK – 65
  • Team Empire – 64
  • Nemesis – 64
  • iG International – 64
  • Players – 62
  • SCARZ – 60
  • Vexed Gaming – 57
  • Mutariuum – 56
  • 69iQ – 56

SoloQGoats, who went top after day 2, have fallen all the way to 14th. Rebel, another underperforming team languish in 33rd.

Full standings available on Battlefy.

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