With one day of ALGS EMEA Pro League left, Alliance have given themselves a lifeline. They could still secure LAN with a strong final day performance after their victory today.

Alliance kept their dream of reaching the ALGS Playoff LAN in Sweden with an amazing comeback victory. The Alliance ALGS run today takes them up to 16th, and they need another top performance in the final day of EMEA.

Elsewhere, Team Empire used Maggie to secure a 2nd victory in a row. They have opened up a healthy lead at the top of the leaderboard. Could they take home the top prize?

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Incredible Alliance keep the dream alive

Needing a win to have even a chance in the final day, Alliance were rooted to the bottom after the first 3 games. The trio of Hakis, Vaifs and Yuki showed their Worlds Edge mastery when they secured 2nd in both the Pro League and the split 1 Playoffs. However, today it was their performance on the newest map, Storm Point that saved them.


Back to back wins give Alliance much needed momentum in ALGS

The Alliance ALGS roster earned 46 points across two games, winning on Storm Point twice in a row.

Alliance fought incredibly, and in game 5 they won a clean 3 versus 3 with fellow strugglers Rebel. The chemistry and synergy in fights was much more of the standard people expect from Alliance.

Alliance have been adapting over the course of the week. They have been doing their best to innovate and experiment – even when confined by a very tight schedule.

Today, they deployed Valkyrie, Caustic and Gibraltar. Most notably, they used Caustic on Storm Point. Caustic is very strong on Worlds Edge, more and more teams in North America and EMEA have been adopting Caustic as the Pro League has gone on. The building dense poi’s make his gas super effective.

General consensus is that Caustic is weak on Storm Point. The wide open spaces and sparse buildings do not play into his favour. Yet, Alliance have clearly identified a use for Caustic and the results speak for themselves. Will more teams consider using Caustic on Storm Point?

Alliance still have work to do for a top 10 finish in ALGS

While today’s victory was much needed, Alliance are still only 16th. They almost certainly need another lobby victory, or a top 3 placement. They will also be somewhat at the mercy of how other teams fare in the final day of the EMEA Pro League, which is on Monday 28th.

Undoubtedly, if anyone can pull it off – Alliance can, but they will need to reach the same high standards that they did today if they want to secure their place in Sweden.

Back to back wins for Team Empire

Meanwhile, Team Empire have surged to the top of the overall standings. The former Major Pushers roster have really found their feet and found their niche on both maps.

They could now secure 1st place, and have a very favourable seeding for the LAN and take home maximum prize money.

Team Empire were not considered to be favourites for the title, or even Top 10 at the start of the Pro League. Nonetheless, they have performed unbelievably. Their trademark style of hyper aggression has been perfectly complimented by the use of Maggie on Worlds Edge.

To put into perspective how rare it is to see a pro team use Maggie, ALGS caster TSquared thought that Maggie was an accidental pick and not deliberate.

The Top 10

Team Empire have a solid lead over GMT

  • Team Empire – 89
  • GMT Esports – 82
  • Players – 78
  • SCARZ – 78
  • iG International – 76
  • K1CK – 75
  • Reply Totem – 75
  • ACEND – 75
  • Nemesis – 73
  • Vexed Gaming – 71

Full standings available on Battlefy.

The final day: teams to watch

  • Alliance – Can the trio of Vaifs, Hakis and Yuki complete the impossible comeback?
  • Mutarium – With some of the most talented controller players worldwide, Mutariuum have the potential to put down some major points
  • 69iQ – 69iQ sit just on the cusp of the top 10. Their performance could have major implications on teams just below such as Alliance, but with such a tight leaderboard, they could even finish as high as 3rd.

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