Space mommy will finally receive her heirloom this season!

Update: Horizon’s heirloom has finally been revealed! It seems that the rumors and leaks were correct. Earlier this week, the Dressed to Kill collection event was announced on the official Apex Legends Twitter, which will include Horizon’s brand new black hole… mace… thing? To unlock this new item, you’ll have to collect all 24 of the new skins.

Heirlooms are the most coveted items in Apex Legends. They can only be obtained with heirloom shards or by unlocking the entirety of a collection event, which is usually a one-time opportunity. This means that any news about future heirlooms is very exciting for the Apex community. So far, there have been 17 heirloom collection events in Apex Legends. But which Legend will receive an heirloom next? According to various leaks from reliable sources, it seems likely that Horizon is next in line.

What is Horizon's heirloom?

So far, there’s no confirmed information for what Horizon’s heirloom will look like. Various rumors seem to suggest that it will be something shaped like a mace or morning star. Leaks showing new heirloom poses seem to have Horizon holding a two-handed weapon. Additionally, it may be related to black holes, which would make sense as using black holes is a trademark of Horizon.

Horizon in two-handed item pose (Image via Thordan Smash on YouTube)
Horizon in two-handed item pose (Image via Thordan Smash on YouTube)

When does Horizon's heirloom come out?

Unfortunately, there is no confirmed date for when Horizon’s collection event will drop. According to Kralrindo leaks, the Horizon heirloom event will most likely be within the next couple of months. However, we can be sure that this collection event is coming in the near future because the file patterns match what has happened in the past when an event is almost ready.

Leaks have suggested that the next two upcoming events will be neon-themed and hitman-themed ones. Timing wise, it seems more likely that it will be the hitman-themed event. This Nessie sticker, which is absolutely adorable, will have a neon theme. This helps confirm the legitimacy of these upcoming events' existence.

Nessie sticker for upcoming neon event (Image via Thordan Smash on YouTube)
Nessie sticker for upcoming neon event (Image via Thordan Smash on YouTube)

Why has it taken so long for Horizon to get her heirloom?

Out of all the Legends, Horizon has waited the longest to receive her heirloom. There doesn't seem to be a real reason for this lengthy delay, although it is especially surprising given how popular the character is with the TTV crowd.

The last Legend who had to wait an extremely long time for their heirloom was Crypto, which is markedly less surprising when you consider his pick rate is consistently below 2%. Hopefully, this heirloom also features some fun animations, as more recent heirlooms have been increasingly of that nature. — Especially with the latest heirloom release for Ash, which has some cool lore, weapon, and fat rat animations.

For further updates on Horizon's heirloom, you can check back on this article as we'll be updating it as information is released. And for any other Apex Legends news or more esports news, check out!