The infamous high flying space engineer Horizon has had almost a 20% increase in pick rate. Join us as we explore why she’s had a huge surge!

Horizon has had and is still on quite the rise in legend pick rate over the past couple Apex Legends seasons. Lately, the high flying astronaut has had almost a 20% increase in pick rate. However, this insanely high pick rate is only seen in masters and predator lobbies. So why is Horizon so highly sought after in these lobbies? Here’s some reasoning as to why.

The downfall of Wraith

The infamous TTV Wraiths that would decimate lobbied completely by themselves seem to be slowly dying out. Players have either gotten accustomed to Wraith players or the more likely explanation; Compared to other legends, Wraith doesn’t hold up.

It seems like the nerfs over the past couple seasons haven’t done her many favors, as players are starting to transition to other legends with equal or more ability to solo games. Although Wraith is a not a bad legend, other legends such as Horizon or Ash are slowly taking her place as the solo-ing game legend.

Horizon’s pick rate slowly increasing over the past few Apex Legends seasons.
Apex Legends Wraith's declining pick rate
Wraith’s declining pick rate

New movement on Stormpoint

Another reason why Horizon has gained tons of popularity is due to the inclusion Stormpoint. The map features a lot of verticality alongside gravity cannons. But what does this have to do with Horizon?

Her passive Spacewalk allows her to not to experience landing shock, have quicker turns mid air and can easily transition to a slide while crouching. The passive in alongside with the verticality of Stormpoint allows Horizon to hop, skip and jump all over the terrain and buildings of Stormpoint. This in turn allows for a lot more solo-ability than other legends. On the legend pick rate breakdown by ApexLegendsStatus, it shows Horizon’s insane popularity jump on Stormpoint.

Horizon’s climb in high level Apex Legends lobbies

But why is Horizon only seeing the increase in high level lobbies? Why specifically only in Masters and Predator lobbies are there more Horizon picks? In our season 13 pick rate breakdown, it seems like the top tier players are ahead of the curve when it comes to queueing for ranked matches.

The combination of phenomenal movement techniques available for Horizon, offensive and defensive capabilities of her ultimate as well as her movement abilities make her a premier pick for a individual player.

Apex Legends' Horizon's huge increase in pick rate in high level lobbies
Horizon’s huge increase in pick rate in high level lobbies

In the end however, regardless of the explanation for Horizon’s huge jump in pick rate Wraith still sits as the number 2 most picked legend. The increase is only with Apex predator ranked games. But, the Legend meta has stayed pretty consistent over the past couple seasons and could use a shake up.

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