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The best and rarest Apex Legends Heirloom animations

Apex Legends is full of animations, but none are as rare as the Heirloom animations. Found here is a list of the best Heirloom animations!

The rarest items in Apex Legends are heirlooms and they bring the rarest animations. Below is an arbitrary list of the best heirloom animations in the game!

Heirlooms are the rarest items in Apex Legends. Each one is specific to their Legend, and often tie into Legend lore in fun and unique ways. For most players, Heirlooms take a long time to unlock.

Every player is guaranteed to unlock Heirloom Shards from their first five hundred Apex Packs. Despite this promise, many Day One players are still sadly Heirloom-less. For more information on Apex Legends Heirloom's, we also have this handy guide about every single one!

Every Apex Legends Heirloom

Heirlooms are special not only for their rarity but for their unique animations. In fact, some Heirloom animations are so rare that Respawn devs have stated that some have still yet to be discovered.

Here are some of the best and rarest Heirloom animations in the game.

Heirloom name
Raven's Bite
Shock Sticks
Boxing Gloves
Butterfly Knife
Too Much Witt
Death Hammer
War Club
Cold Steel
Dead Man's Curve
Problem Solver
Energy Reader
Biwon Blade
Garra de Alanza
Strongest Link

Ash’s Heirloom is the most recently released of the Apex Legend heirlooms and features a bunch of fun (and surprisingly cute) animations that both tie into her lore and her relationships with the other Legends. Most importantly is the animation of Ash's squeaky little rat friend being fed a piece of cheese!

The Rat is fed some cheese by Ash (via bobz on YouTube)

Ash removes her mask (via bobz on YouTube)

Bangalore: Cold Steel

The Data Knife that Bangalore used to kill a Pilot is an extremely cool Heirloom for its lore and a slightly disappointing Heirloom for animations. However, it’s possible that the coolest animation for this Heirloom hasn’t been discovered yet. So far all we have is Bangalore using the sheath of the knife to smack her enemies during a melee animation.

Bangalore knife work (via MadLad on YouTube)

Apex Legends Heirlooms - Caustic: Death Hammer

It’s no surprise that Gas Daddy has one of the best Heirlooms in Apex Legends. This giant yellow hammer beats down its test subjects while also featuring excellent animations. He casually sips from his favorite coffee mug and flicks away a spider after it finishes a small jump scare.

Caustic sips from his coffee mug (via WarbyGaming on YouTube)

Flicking away a spider (via WarbyGaming on YouTube)

Crypto: Biwon Blade

Despite it looking a little bit like the Nerf sword you play with in a toy aisle, Crypto’s Heirloom has some solid animations that relate to his lore and give his drone, Hack, some time in the limelight.

Crypto takes out family photo (via MadLad on YouTube)

Sword practice with Hack (via MadLad on YouTube)

Gibraltar: War Club

Gibby’s war club is a little bit generic for an Heirloom and as one of the older Heirlooms in Apex Legends, this one could definitely use an update like Wraith’s Kunai recently received. However, the “vroom vroom” motion animation and the first-person haka are fun animations that set this Heirloom apart from the pack.

Gibraltar revs his motorcycle (via bl0f bl0f on YouTube)

Loba: Garra De Alaza

The deadly fan that once belonged to her mother. Loba’s Heirloom is rich in lore and animation, featuring a decapitated Revenant, a disappearing diamond, and a masquerade ball mask.

Loba cuts Revenant's head in half (via MadLad on YouTube)

Trying on a mask (via MadLad on YouTube)

Revenant's head as a melee weapon (via MadLad on YouTube)

Mirage: Too Much Witt

Mirage has one of the most unique Heirlooms in Apex Legends. A tiny statue of himself the features light and sound is an extremely in-character accessory for Mirage. Some of the rare animations that come with this Heirloom are a two finger eye jab and a left hook porkchop, both used during melee.

Mirage finger poke melee attack (via DANNYonPC on YouTube)

Porkchop melee attack (via DANNYonPC on YouTube)

Mirage's statue launches confetti (via DANNYonPC on YouTube)

Octane: Butterfly Knife

Like its straightforward name, Octane’s Heirloom doesn’t have very many flashy animations. Most involve Octane playing with his knife, though one stand-out animation has Octane stab himself in the chest with his needle knife and use both hands to make a rock on symbol.

Octane injects himself and flips his knife around (via XanthiumGUM on YouTube)

Pathfinder: Boxing Gloves

Pathfinder is another Legend with an early release Heirloom, meaning his animations are also not as extensive as later Legends. One notable animation has his boxing gloves display all of Pathfinder’s emoticons and pop out of the base. Then, randomly, Bloodhound’s raven attacks Pathfinder and he scores a K.O.

Pathfinder punches out Bloodhound's Raven (via MadLad on YouTube)

Rampart: Problem Solver

While her wrench is a fairly straightforward heirloom, Rampart makes up for it with fun animations that mostly involve her screwing around. One of the cuter animations has Rampart extend the wrench head out and make dinosaur noises while bobbing it across the screen. However, one of Rampart’s rarest animations doesn’t involve her wrench at all. Instead, when using a melee attack against a door, Rampart will occasionally pull out Octane’s detached leg to attack the door.

Rampart's wrench becomes a dino (via MadLad on YouTube)

Octane's leg is used in melee attack (via Inked Cat Coffee on YouTube)

Seer: Showstoppers

Since this heirloom was released so recently in Apex Legends, it isn’t surprising that inspecting the twin blades Seer wields yields a ton of cute and unique animations. These include a drawing pad that Seer will scribble on and hold up to reveal six different drawings and a rose that Seer will trim with his blades before slicing it up entirely.

Seer uses his drawing pad (via bobz on YouTube)

Cutting up a rose (via MadLad on YouTube)

Valkyrie: Suzaku

If you’ve ever played as Valkyrie, you know there’s three things she never shuts up about; food, women, and her dead dad. Unsurprisingly, two of those are featured in her rarest animations. During inspect animations, Valk will bring up a bowl of ramen to slurp noodles from. When the inspect is used during a slide, she’ll pull out her dad’s helmet and talk about how it’s time for her to focus on her own legacy now.

Valkryie eats ramen (via MadLad on YouTube)

Valkryie takes out her dad's helmet (via RossTheeSquirrel on YouTube)

Wattson: Energy Reader

Wattson has one of the most unique heirlooms in Apex Legends, as it leans into her background as an inventor with a speciality in electricity. Some of the rarest Wattson Heirloom animations involve Wattson playing with her heirloom, first feeding a Tamagotchi version of Nessie and then playing a small space themed game. Another rare animation is by far the cutest in the game, as Wattson pulls out a giant floppy Nessie plushie to hug, kiss, and boop.

Wattson boops her giant Nessie (via MadLad on YouTube)

Wattson plays with her tamagotchi Nessie (via MadLad on YouTube)

Wraith: Kunai

The first ever heirloom released in Apex Legends is the iconic kunai. A recent update has given the heirloom tons of new rare animations that give Wraith a chance to flex her personality and dive into her lore. The most lore relevant animation has Wraith pull out a file on herself that features a note from Wattson alongside a selfie of the pair.

Three other rare animations have Wraith wiping off some sweat, writing her initial using her void powers, and throwing her kunai into the void and catching it through another portal. The coolest of all the animations, however, is when another Wraith’s hand appears and places the kunai into Wraith’s hand as she’s running.

Throwing her knife into the void and catches it (via MadLad on YouTube)

Wraith opens the file on her past (via MadLad on YouTube)

Wiping away sweat (via MadLad on YouTube)

Drawing a "W" in the air (via MadLad on YouTube)

Her Kunai is handed to her by another Wraith hand (via bobz on YouTube)

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