Apex Legends Season 16 has secretly updated the Wraith Heirloom cover image

Apex Legends Season 16 has secretly updated the Wraith Heirloom

The Wraith Heirloom has been updated with awesome animations. And you MIGHT be able to get it for free.

Apex Legends Season 16 has been huge for Apex Legends, introducing an entirely new legend class system with unique perks and a new game mode. It's no surprise that some things were easily overlooked, including an update to Wraith's Heirloom.

Cosmetics are a huge part of Apex Legends, with players grinding to collect skins, animations, player cards, and more. The most prestigious and desired of these cosmetics are Heirlooms, which change a legend's melee weapon design. While they look badass, the real draw is how hard they are to get since they need Heirloom Shards to unlock.

One of the most iconic Heirlooms is Wraith's Kunai Knife. That's because it's the OG of all Heirlooms, dating back to the battle royale's launch. Now, developers decided to make some changes to the classic Heirloom in Season 16.

Wraith Heirloom updated in Season 16

Apex Legends devs snuck in an exciting change to Wraith's Heirloom. You'll notice some new animations in Season 16. Here are the new animations:

  • Wraith takes out a folder with pictures of her and Wattson
  • A cloth comes out to dab Wraith's forehead, a nod to sweaty Wraith mains
  • Wraith balances the Kunai on her fingertip and then expertly cuts a fly in half
  • Wraith throws the knife into the void and then catches it just before it reaches her face

New Wraith lore revealed in Heirloom animation

One of the most interesting animations is most definitely the one where Wraith takes out a folder and opens it, revealing Wraith's case file. While a lot of the top secret info is blacked out, players can see that there's a photo of Wraith and Wattson together, partially covered by a sticky note that reads "MY FAVORITE GHOST" with hearts around it.

This is a reference to voice lines where Wattson mistakes Wraith as a ghost when she is in her Voidwalker skin. The voice line comes up when the two walk past Labs. Wraith seems frustrated, telling Wattson they should talk about it later.

"Let's keep this between us for now," Wraith says after telling Wattson ghosts aren't real.

The voice lines are a throwback to Wattson's lore. She discovered a device from the 21st century called the Active Denial System — or heat ray. She was inspired to create a shrinking Ring system using the ADS. But she would need two bubble shields for the prototype, which is why she journeyed to the abandoned labs in Kings Canyon.

But when Wattson got to the lab, she saw what she believed was a ghost. She described it as a woman with dead eyes and a knife. The threatening ghost told Wattson to leave, causing her to run away.

It was later revealed that the ghost was Wraith. She was in the labs attempting to figure out her own identity.

Apex Legends free Heirloom in Anniversary Collection Event

Heirlooms are highly desired in Apex Legends, especially the Wraith's Kunai Knife. They're hard to find and wildly expensive. Basically, you need 150 Shards to get the Heirloom, which costs around $150.

But there's a way to get Heirloom Shards a bit cheaper in Season 16 — even for free. While it's still not free for everyone, it's still a cost effective way to get the reworked Wraith Heirloom. Here's how.

First, it needs to be done during the Anniversary Collection Event. This is a two-week event that starts February 14 and ends February 28. The event claims you can get 150 Heirloom Shards for "free."

The Anniversary Collection Event has 24 cosmetics. During this time, you can purchase Apex Packs that all guarantee you a unique cosmetic each time. You can complete the collection and get 150 Heirloom Shards. Each Apex Pack costs 700 Apex Coins but you also get two Collection Apex Packs for free.

You can further cut down your spending by using your crafting materials to craft Epic items during the Collection Event. By creating these items, you don't need to purchase as many Apex Packs to get all 24 cosmetics. In fact, if you have enough crafting materials, you can craft all 24 cosmetics and not even need to purchase a single Apex Pack!

Here's how much the bundles cost during the event:

  • 24 Apex Event Packs — 16,800 Apex Coins
  • 2 special bundles — 7,500 Apex Coins
  • Apex Coins + 12 Bundles — 15,900 Apex Coins
  • EA play Subscription — 10% Discount on Apex Coins

So if you have enough crafting material and can make all 24 cosmetics during the Anniversary Collection Event, you get 150 Heirloom Shards, which can be used to craft any Heirloom, including Wraith's. Otherwise, you still have to pay.