Apex Legends Season 16 unveils new classes rework and perks cover image

Apex Legends Season 16 unveils new classes rework and perks

Respawn will be entirely reworking the Legend class system in Season 16 instead of adding a new Legend. Read about all the changes below!

The upcoming season of Apex Legends, called Revelry, will feature a completely reworked legend class system. However, this also means Respawn will not be releasing a new legend with the upcoming season. This new system shake-up is called “Remastered Legend Classes.”

Here’s what we know so far about the new changes.

“Everything you know and love... There may be changes coming down the line. You’ve been warned.”

Steven ferreira, game director at respawn

New legend classes

Image via EA
Image via EA

EA have confirmed that there will be a total of five new classes:

  • Assault
  • Skirmisher
  • Recon
  • Controller
  • Support

New classes distribution

In the latest EA update, developers confirmed which legends will belong to each new class. They coincide with a previous leak by AlphaIntel. Here's the breakdown:

  • Assault: Ash, Bangalore, Mad Maggie, Fuse, and Revenant
  • Skirmisher: Octane, Pathfinder, Mirage, Wraith, Horizon, and Valkyrie
  • Recon: Bloodhound, Seer, Crypto, and Vantage
  • Controller: Wattson, Rampart, Caustic, and Catalyst
  • Support: Lifeline, Loba, Gibraltar, and Newcastle

Legend class breakdown

In case you're wondering how developers came up with why certain legends are in certain classes, here is a further explanation of what each class entails.


This class is focused on dealing damage. Developers described assault legends as "armed to the teeth" and "always prepared for a fight." Their abilities force opponents into action — but on their terms.


This class is all about moving in and out of fights and situations much quicker than other legends. They are usually "first into a fight" and provide rotation options to their squad.


Gathering enemy intel is the main focus of this class, giving their team a potential tactical advantage. You can essentially hunt down the enemy and outsmart them with the right strategy.


These legends place traps and use elements to shape the environment in their favor. The class is defensive and perfect for fortifying their team's position.


This class is focused on their team, hoping to protect, recover, and resupply allies during key moments. A support legend has the ability to change the entire course of a match by keeping their squadmates alive.

Apex Legends class perks

Possibly one of the biggest changes to the class system in Apex Legends are the new perks that come with each of the above classes. These perks are exclusive to the legends within each class, providing them with an extra ability that plays into their role.

Assault perk

Since assault legends are focused on fights, they have been given access to a "secret compartment" in Weapon Supply Bins. This secret compartment contains four "smart loot" attachments they can use or give to their teammates. They can also carry more ammo per stack, leaving more room in their backpack for other items, like grenades.

  • Secret compartment in Weapon Supply Bins
  • Carry more ammo per stack

Skirmisher perk

This class has been given the ability to spot incoming Care Packages and see their contents before other legends can. This means they can decide if the contents are worth the risk. Skirmishers will also be able to see if items have been taken by another team. The Skirmisher can then ping the location of the incoming package on the map and plan how to rotate based on the team's decision.

  • Spot incoming Care Packages
  • See contents of Care Packages early

Recon perk

This class has been given Modified Survey Beacons, which allow them to see "a snapshot of all enemy positions." Basically, it will reveal all enemy positions on the map for 30 seconds. Enemies within pulse range will be alerted that a beacon is in use, however, making it a high risk, high reward ability.

  • Use Modified Survey Beacons to reveal enemy positions
  • Nearby enemies will be alerted that a beacon is in use

Controller perk

These defensive legends will be given the ability to use Ring Consoles to find the next ring location. These consoles can be found on grounded areas throughout the map. Using a Ring Console will help teams plan where to head next, coming up with a strategy along the way.

  • Use Ring Consoles to reveal next ring location

Support perk

Blue Bins will become visible locations on the map. These will provide "key rotation options" when the team needs meds or survival items. Support legends will also be able to recover ally banners at Crafting Stations, even if the banner has expired. It will cost 30 Crafting Materials. This allows for even more options for teams to get back in the game.

  • Blue Bins with survival items visible on the map
  • Recover ally banner at Crafting Stations

A new type of gameplay

The upcoming season looks like an ambitious one. With Apex Legends doing a complete class rework, each Legend will receive a new perk according to their class. Accordingly, Evan Nikolich, Deisgn Director at Respawn, said "With the class system perks, we're looking to create new and compelling ways to play the game and create new team compositions."

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