Apex Legends Dressed To Kill event brings balance changes and a LTM cover image

Apex Legends Dressed To Kill event brings balance changes and a LTM

The Dressed to Kill Collection Event in Apex Legends features the Armed and Dangerous LTM in addition to the Horizon heirloom, a major Seer nerf, some balance changes, and new cosmetics.

We're just over halfway into Apex Legends Season 17, and it's time for some changes and a new heirloom. It's now space mommy's time to shine. Horizon is finally getting her Apex Legends heirloom thanks to the Dressed to Kill Collection Event.

The event also brings back the fabled Armed and Dangerous limited-time mode (LTM), balance changes, and some cosmetics. With the ranked changes drawing major criticism in Season 17, Apex Legends has been in need of some new content to keep things interesting for players, and this event might just be it.

Apex Legends Dressed to Kill: Patch notes highlights

Among the biggest highlights from the update's patch notes is the gigantic nerf to Seer. The scan meta has plagued Apex Legends for a while now, with Seer at the helm and after Bloodhound's rework at the beginning of Season 17. It looks like Seer is finally getting the kick in the guts he's deserved for so long. Additionally, the crafting rotation and some weapon balance changes will affect the meta in an interesting way.

  • Nemesis AR
    • Projectile speed reduced and projectile gravity increased
      • These changes reduce the Nemesis AR's long-range performance. The gun felt like a laser beam at times and could be annoying to get burst down from a cliff down range when you're in the middle of a fight against another squad.
  • EVA-8
    • Increased base rate of fire
    • Increased white bolt rate of fire
      • With the recent shotgun changes, the EVA 8 was noticeably weaker than the other ones, especially during early-game phases. These changes make the gun a more viable pickup during the initial stages of a battle.
  • Crafting Rotation Changes
    • R99 and Rampage LMG enter the crafter
    • Alternator and Sentinel back to floor loot
      • The R99 is among the most popular guns in the game, and with it entering the crafter alongside the Rampage LMG, there's bound to be a shakeup to the weapon meta. Additionally, the Sentinel is back to floor loot, and is among the more popular snipers in the game, with the Alternator, which is a powerful early-game SMG.

The Armed and Dangerous LTM is back!

Apex Legends screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts)
Apex Legends screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts)

The Armed and Dangerous LTM is finally back in Apex Legends. It's a game mode where players are forced to play with only shotguns and snipers, encouraging them to be more creative with their combat approach. Of course, there's the small issue of the Charge Rifle, which is a gun everyone collectively hates and is a sniper rifle.

The developers have addressed this by making it available only through the replicator alongside a fully-kitted Peacekeeper. Although the Peacekeeper is available as floor loot, the Charge Rifle can only be obtained through crafting.

Some changes to the support item meta

In addition to the balance changes to Seer and some weapons, the event also brings some interesting changes to the support items. It appears the developers are trying to encourage a more team-oriented meta. Mobile Respawn Beacons spawn more frequently around the world while Evac Towers have a reduced spawn rate to match that of heat shields.

Additionally, support legends that open blue supply bins are more likely to find a Mobile Respawn Beacon. This encourages support legends and their teammates to stick around after getting killed because a respawn is more likely, especially if the support legend is still alive.

Dressed to Kill Collection Event and cosmetics

Horizon's heirloom (Image via Electronic Arts)
Horizon's heirloom (Image via Electronic Arts)

The showstopper for the Dressed To Kill Collection Event is Horizon's long-awaited heirloom. With legends like Valkyrie and Seer getting their heirlooms before her, despite being added to the game after her, Horizon mains were left frustrated.

As confirmed by the leaks, her heirloom appears to be a mace with a black hole as its head. The Dressed To Kill Collection Event also features some fantastic event-themed exclusive skins. Horizon herself is getting one, in addition to Crypto, Loba, and Mad Maggie.

Dressed To Kill Collection Event rewards (Image via Electronic Arts)
Dressed To Kill Collection Event rewards (Image via Electronic Arts)

As with every Apex Legends Collection Event, the Dressed To Kill one also features a reward tracker that players can grind to unlock free rewards. Completing the tracker will reward players with a rare Bocek and Bloodhound Skin in addition to some holosprays, a gun charm, and Battle Pass stars.

The quality of life changes also include several audio fixes and a setting for the third-person mode in the Firing Range, which has been a long-standing problem in Apex Legends.

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