Season 15 is here, and with it weapon changes. So join us in our seasonal overview of the Apex Legends guns. From damage per body part to shots to kill.

We have broken down all of the Apex Legends guns by ammo type, weapon class, damage, mag size and most important the number of shots to kill an enemy. We’ve highlighted some of the most important info of each weapon class so you don’t have to do all the digging yourself.

Light Machine Guns

LMG’s are a weird case in Apex. As they try to improve upon what Assault Rifles can do, with less damage but more magazine size. However, due to the long reload times of LMG’s, Assault Rifles tend to still outclass them pretty heavily. LMG’s are tough to balance, as increasing their damage too much or giving too much leeway with the recoil can push them over the top.

Like with the first release of the Rampage, where it was insanely over tuned. And even till now, in season 15, the damage breakdown shows that Rampage is still by far the best LMG in Apex. Although its locked to the Care Package, for good reason. Outside of the Care Package, the Devotion suffered a small but significant change in the Season 15 patch notes.

With the Turbocharger attachment reducing the damage by 1 while equipped. This change really takes into effect when going against purple armored targets, as the shots to kill increases to 17, from 14.

WeaponHeadshot DMGBody DMGLimb DMGMag SizeShots to kill (White – Purple)
Devotion28161436/40/44/4810 – 13
L-STAR26171424/26/28/309 – 15
Spitfire27181535/40/45/509 – 12
Rampage 42282440 6 – 8
Weapon stats for the four LMG weapon class guns for Season 15

So in short:

  • The Rampage is still amazing
  • The Devotion does a little less damage than previous seasons
  • The L-Star is still a low tier weapon

Assault Rifles

Season 15 damage breakdown of assault rifles

Assault Rifles have been consistently reliable weapons since the start of Apex and haven’t really been changed too much. Although with Season 15’s inclusion of the Anvil Receiver and the Turbocharger change, there is some new information to take into account with regards to the damage breakdown.

With the return of the Anvil Receiver, its surprising how much a single shot from either the R301 or Flatline can put out on single fire mode. The R301 jumps from 14 to 35 damage, while the Flatline jumps from 18 to 43 damage for body shots. So, don’t be surprised if you see a lot more R301 and Flatline’s on single fire mode in your pubs.

WeaponHeadshot DMGBody DMGLimb DMGMag SizeShots to kill (White – Purple)
Havoc 32181424/28/32/369-12
R-301 25141118/20/25/2811-15
Flatline 32181420/25/28/309-12

In short:

  • The Anvil Receiver makes the R-301 and Flatline pretty scary on single fire mode
  • The Hemlock has some great stats, but the burst fire really holds it back
  • Stat wise, the Flatline is the best AR out there with its damage and fire rate


Apex Legends Guns information for pistol weapon class

The Pistol category of weapons are rarely changed stat wise since Season 14. Most of the time, its rather hop ups to help the viability of the weapons. Like with the Wingman’s Skullpiercer or Hammerpoint rounds. However, Season 15 weapon changes include the removal of the Hammerpoint rounds. This, unsurprisingly makes the P2020 and RE-45 pretty obsolete. Well except for the fact that the RE-45 has moved into the Care Package with Disruptor rounds and a damage buff. So now, players ought to be a little more on the careful side when facing up against one.

WeaponHeadshot DMGBody DMGLimb DMGMag SizeShots to kill (White – Purple)

In short:

  • The removal of Hammer points sent the P2020 back to the depths of usage
  • With the RE-45 and Disruptor Rounds, say goodbye to your shields
  • The Wingman as always reigns on top

Marksmen and Sniper Rifles

Season 15 damage breakdown of snipers

These two classes of weapons haven’t been changed in the past season. With the last significant change to either of the classes was with the Kraber nerf back in season 13. Although it is worth noting that since the inclusion of the hop ups for the Marksmen weapons 30-30 and G7, the weapons have been gaining some popularity. Especially since their hop ups respectively increase the damage output of both weapons significantly.

WeaponHeadshot DMGBody DMGLimb DMGMag SizeShots to kill (White – Purple)
Charge Rifle11610510582-3
Longbow 11855503/8/10/123-4
Kraber 28014011242
Sentinel 14070631/5/6/72-3
Apex Legends guns stats for the four Sniper weapon class guns for Season 15

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Combining both aspects of the long range damage of snipers with the lighter movement speed of Assault Rifles, Marksmen have made quite the small niche in Apex for themselves. Especially since Sniper ammo tends to be harder to find than the counterparts of the Marksmen weapons. Although the damage output of the Marksmen are less, both classes of weapons are the best at long range poke. It just depends on preference.

Breakdown of all four Marksman guns in Apex Legends Season 15.
WeaponHeadshot DMGBody DMGLimb DMGMag SizeShots to kill (White – Purple)
G7 60342610/15/18/205-6
Triple Take 111635718/21/24/273-4
30-30 10057486/8/10/123-4
Bocek Bow 123706313
Weapon stats for the four Marksmen weapon class guns for Season 15

In short:

  • The 30-30 and G7 Scout far outclass the Triple Take, especially with their hop ups
  • The Longbow is the best sniper despite its lower damage
  • The Triple Take needs a buff, and not just a reactive skin

Sub Machine Guns

Season 15 damage breakdown of Apex Legends SMG guns.

Last but certainly not least is probably the most popular category of the Apex weapons: SMGs. Like the other categories on the Season 15 damage breakdown, there aren’t many changes. Although there was a nerf to to the Volt’s projectile speed, the damage hasn’t changed. And as per recent seasons, the debate is always between the Volt, the C.A.R. and the R99. As each encompass key aspects of the “perfect SMG”. Between the Volt’s damage, the R99’s fire rate and the C.A.R. being the middle ground.

WeaponHeadshot DMGBody DMGLimb DMGMag SizeShots to kill (White – Purple)
Volt 23151219/21/23/2610-14
Weapon stats for the five SMG weapon class guns for Season 15

In short:

  • The C.A.R. brings the best of both the R-99 and the Volt
  • The Volt despite its nerf to projectile speed is still one of the best SMGs
  • The Alternator has the highest damage of the SMGs

Apex Legends Guns spreadsheet

You can check out the full Apex Legends guns spreadsheet with more in detail statistics here. You can also check out our other Apex guides down below.

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Right now, it seems like the weapons are at a pretty balanced state given the lack of big changes. However we don’t know for sure, and there is always room for big changes in the upcoming seasons.

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